Spiral Wrap Flu-Flu Fletching Instructions

Spiral Wrap Flu-Flu Fletching

By TrueFlight Feathers The quick and easy way to make a very effective, low cost flu-flu arrow. Ideal for aerial and close range targets!   CAUTION: ONLY TRUEFLIGHT SPECIALLY PREPARED FULL LENGTH FOR SPIRAL WRAP HAVE A SUPER THIN QUILL TO EASILY WRAP AROUND THE SHAFT. Regular full length will not wrap around the arrow […]

3Rivers DAS Bows Dalaa Testimonials

Chuck Ballweg and his new Dalaa recurve bow. “Got home and found my Dalaa at the doorstep. I couldn’t wait to try it out. Assembly was so simple and no tools but I had to install a T-300 rest, DAS plunger, nocking point, SRF Sight, Simms shorty stabilizer and started with brace height at 7¾” […]

Arrow Tips by Gold Tip: Bare Shaft Tuning

Arrow Assembly Broadhead Tuning Paper Tuning Bare Shaft Tuning Bare Shaft Tuning Gold Tip recommends bare shaft tuning for any setup shot with a finger release. In order to use this method you will need two fletched arrows and two bare shafts. Follow the illustrations below  to fine tune your setup. This diagram depicts optimal […]

SRF Sight System Buyer’s Guide

SRF Sight System Theory and use of the SRF sight: This sight uses the eyes natural ability to center objects much as a round aperture does. Unlike a round aperture though, this shaped aperture allows you to memorize target positions along the tapered shape. The sight must be used until that memorization occurs and becomes […]

Arrow Tips by Gold Tip: Arrow Assembly

Arrow Assembly Broadhead Tuning Paper Tuning Bare Shaft Tuning Arrow Assembly Gold Tip arrows are not only the best performing arrows on the market; they are also the most user-friendly. With proper care and by adhering to the assembly instructions below you will find Gold Tip shafts quick and easy to assemble in any configuration […]

Building Youth Wood Arrows at Home

by: Johnathan Karch   Building your own arrows is a very rewarding hobby. Having that extra confidence in your gear puts confidence in yourself, which will lead to better shooting and more enjoyable practice sessions. One of my many joys in life comes from watching my oldest daughter, Bella (age 6), shoot her bow. She […]

Traditional Archery Shooting Schools

Archery Shooting Schools and Clinics

Here you will find information 3Rivers Archery has gathered on traditional archery shooting schools. These are free listings and are constantly being updated. 3Rivers Archery does not sponsor or support any particular shooting school by its listing here. If you would like to submit a shooting school for inclusion on this page, please send an […]

Snakeskin Backing a Bow

snakeskin backing bows

By: Dale Karch and Todd Smith Add a touch of the unique and exotic to your bow with a snakeskin backing.   How do you put snakeskins on a bow? Great question! Snakeskin Backings are a beautiful addition to any bow. You can either purchase them or capture them yourself. The snake skins must be […]

Archery Books and DVDs

Fred Bear DVD collection

By: Dale Karch and Todd Smith When you can’t make it out to bow hunt, a good book or DVD can bring the adventure to you! At 3Rivers Archery we know bows. We know quivers, arrows, broadheads, points, bow and arrow making tools, outdoor gear, and much, much more. But there are other products we […]