The Complete Fred Bear DVD CollectionItem Number: 800-20
$30.99 $25.99
Made in the US
The Complete Fred Bear DVD Collection

The Complete Fred Bear DVD Collection

Item Number: 800-20
$30.99 $25.99
Made in the US

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Join legendary archer Fred Bear and fellow hunters as they trek across the globe in search of wild game. This 4-disc DVD set has more than 8 hours of timeless footage that includes a rare glimpse into the life and adventures of Fred Bear. Follow him as he goes bowfishing in Florida, hunts the majestic polar bear in the bitter cold of the Arctic, heads to Africa for several safaris on quests for plains game, lion and elephant, takes a world record stone sheep in North America, and MUCH MORE.

  • DISC 1

  • Kodiak Country - Alaska in 1960. The frontier! Join Fred Bear as he bow hunts the intimidating Kodiak brown bear.
  • Oldest Game - Fred Bear and Charlie Kroll hike into the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania, and pitch a primitive base camp, to hunt whitetail deer.
  • Bowfishing Fun - The early days of bowfishing in the vast marshes bordering Lake Erie with pioneer bowhunter Fred Bear.
  • St. Vincent Island - Follow Fred Bear for a bowhunt on St. Vincent's island off Florida's northwest coast.
  • Land of the Tiger - Fred Bear and the Maharaja of Bundi hunt India for the sambur stag, nilgai, axis deer and the feared Indian tiger.
  • History of the Bow & Arrow - Join legendary Fred Bear as he describes the development of bows and arrows at the Bear Archery plant.
  • DISC 2

  • Prairie Pronghorn - Join Fred Bear in Wyoming bowhunting the fleet footed pronghorn antelope.
  • Bwana Bowmen - Experience another African safari with Bill Negley in the Belgian Congo.
  • Fins, Feathers, & Fur - See Fred Bear in the early days as he takes his archery equipment after stingrays, alligator, and gar followed by some impressive wing shooting of pheasant.
  • Big Three: Grizzly, Mule Deer, & Polar Bear - Join bowhunting legend Fred Bear as he bow hunts Grizzlies in the rugged mountains of British Columbia, huge mule deer in the high desert of New Mexico and arctic polar bear on the far North ice-cap.
  • History of Bear Archery - This is the famous one-on-one interview with Fred Bear himself.
  • DISC 3

  • Badland Bucks, Arrow for a Grizzly, Rural Route One - Legendary bowhunter Fred Bear hunts wily mule deer in North Dakota, mountain Grizzly bear in the Canadian Yukon and then shows how Bear Archery manufactures recurve bows.
  • Year of the Buffalo - Fred Bear back in the day bowhunting in East Africa for Cape Buffalo.
  • Back Country Bowhunt - Fred Bear and Glenn St. Charles bowhunt the interior of British Columbia and the action is fast and furious.
  • Good Earth - Enjoy the exchange of view between legendary bowhunter Fred Bear and astronaut James A. Lovell as they explore the great outdoors through bowhunting, fly fishing, snow shoeing, canoeing, trap shooting, grouse hunting, and nature photography.
  • DISC 4

  • Mozambique Game Trails - Fred Bear's fabulous 1964 elephant hunt.
  • Bowhunter's Safari - Fred Bear's 1955 African safari with radio and TV personality Arthur Godfrey.
  • Kaibab Bucks - Step back into time. Join Fred Bear and friends during the first ever bow and arrow season in Arizona's Kaibab Forest.
  • Grubstake Bowhunt - Follow Fred Bear, Glenn St Charles, Keith Clemmons and party as they bowhunt the little Delta region of Alaska for caribou, moose and Dall sheep.
  • Trophy Elk - Travel with the father of modern bowhunting, Fred Bear, to bowhunt wary elk in Wyoming.
  • North to Adventure - Follow the arrow as Fred Bear takes his favorite trophy of his entire career, a record stone sheep in the mountains of British Columbia.
  • Restless Spirit - The film that captures the spirit of Fred Bear. Excerpts from many of his films are included in this one video. 34 minutes long.
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm