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To order your 3Rivers Archery catalog, please fill out the catalog order form below and we'll send you our latest catalog FREE! These free catalogs are bulk mailed weekly. If your timing is good, you'll get your catalog in less than a week.

We now have a lower resolution downloadable PDF 3Rivers Archery Catalog as an option too. If you would prefer a 2-3 DAY Priority Mail delivery from the US Post Office we only charge $3.95 for postage. To order, call us at: 260.587.9501, or fax us at: 888.329.9872 with your name, address, day-time phone number, credit card number, and expiration date.

Remember!!! Catalogs are also free if you are placing an order. Please add a note to the comment field when placing your online order and we'll include one free with your order. Don't be shy, if you'd like a few for your friends, just ask us for some extra ones and we'll include them with your order.

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