How to Load a Traditional Muzzleloader

Grouping of all items needed to load a muzzleloader

For enthusiasts of historical firearms and traditional shooting sports, using a black powder muzzleloader provides a unique experience and a connection to the past. Loading and firing these classic firearms requires a certain level of knowledge and skill to ensure safety and accuracy. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned shooter, this guide will walk […]

My Project with Fred Bear

Fred Eichler Riser from Bear Archery

By Fred Eichler Ever since my job as a young man working in the pro shop and museum at Bear Archery, I have felt a closeness to the company that still bears the founder’s name. His presence is still felt at the factory and Bear Archery still uses Fred in their promotions, which to me is […]

Getting Ready for the Season

by Fred Eichler A lot of fellow traditional bowhunters ask me what I do to get ready for hunting season or what my practice regimen is. In truth, practicing for the season never really stops for the guy that doesn’t want it to. What I mean is that it takes effort, dedication, and sacrifice to make […]

Traditional Experiences

by Fred Eichler I am often asked my opinion on what the most challenging animal to hunt with a traditional bow is. It is not an easy answer. I have had some hunts where the most difficult animal to hunt were the ones everyone told me would be easy. Caribou for example have been super tough for me […]

Why Traditional?

by Fred Eichler It constantly surprises me how many times people ask me why I like shooting traditional equipment so much. The answer is easy. There are really two main reasons I like traditional equipment. It is fun, and in my opinion, it is often the easiest way to harvest an animal. I am in no way bashing […]

Up Your Odds on a Guided Hunt

Massive mule deer taken on a guided hunt

As an outfitter and guide in Colorado I am constantly amazed at how ill prepared some people are that show up at my camp. I once had a client miss an animal with me and then say, “Those broadheads seem to fly different than my field points.” Needless to say, he was ill prepared. Besides […]

Shoot Em Flying

Fred Eichler arieal shooting

If you have not shot aerials with your traditional bow yet, then you are truly missing out on one of the coolest things you can do with a trad bow besides hunting. One of the reasons I love shooting aerials is I remember all the old films of Fred Bear shooting thrown discs with his […]

Bowfishing is Fun!

I bit on the bowfishing bug early in life. I am known for taking things to the extreme and bowfishing was no different. It started with carp and then I graduated to sharks, stingrays, alligators, gar and all sorts of fish. It is not only fun but you can also pack some great meat in […]

You Didn’t Miss

Whitetail buck calmly walking

Whitetails are the most frequently hunted species in North America. This is partially due to the fact that they are found in huntable numbers in 43 states. In my opinion these plentiful deer are also one of the most difficult big game species to hit with an arrow. Before I proceed I should explain that […]

Making The Change to Traditional Archery

Fred Eichler tells how he made the switch from compound to traditional archery.

Congratulations! If you’re reading this I will assume you are considering trying out a traditional bow. As you are probably aware, traditional bows include recurves, longbows, and self bows. Since success in any sport requires an understanding of the sport, I will try and give you a heads up on what to expect as you […]