Hunting from the Ground

Hunt From the Ground

If you’re a bowhunter, you’ve probably logged most of your hours 20 feet off the ground in a treestand. I know I have.  Although I gun hunted from the ground for years, it wasn’t until much later in life that I started bowhunting from the ground. And honestly, I wish I had done it sooner. […]

Take a Kid Hunting

Beka and Isabella on the trail

There was never a point in my life where I thought, “When I have a baby I’m going to take them hunting with me before they can even walk.” But that’s sort of what happened. When I got pregnant I assumed I would be able to leave Isabella with my husband while I hunted. As […]

6 Steps for Pre-Season Prep

Beka Garris Practicing

At the time of writing this, deer season is just days away here in Ohio, and I’ve been running down a mental checklist in my head of all the things I need to do and have ready for opening day. I’ve always been a very prepared person, so these things are just something I do […]

How to Cure Target Panic

Target Panic hurts your accuracy with a bow and arrow

by Sam Strong There’s not much that can be worse in traditional archery than hearing the dreaded words “target panic.” Target Panic is a mental block causing the archer’s form to break down and wreak havoc on your shooting skills. It can sometimes be described as a fear of missing the target. Other archers describe […]

Turkey Traditional Style

Fred Eichler with nice Turkey he shot with his bow

By Fred Eichler No, this is not a recipe on how I like to cook turkeys. It is about my favorite way to hunt turkeys. I’m not really sure if I love to hunt turkeys or if they are just the only thing that is really huntable in the spring besides pigs, bears or fish. […]

The Five Cardinal Rules of Hunting Public Land

Hunting with a Bear Kodiak and 3Rivers wood arrows

By Beka Garris On Instagram @bekagarris | If you frequently hunt public land, I am sure that you have had your share of mishaps and run-ins with other hunters. You’d like to think that as hunters, we are all on the same page and therefore will be respectful of others and the area we are […]

Finding the Right Hunting Pack

Badlands 2200 and Badlands Monster

Like many people, I own more than a few pairs of shoes. Dress shoes, tennis shoes, hunting boots… The list goes on. There is not one shoe that works for all occasions. The same goes with hunting packs. From chasing elk in Colorado, whitetails in Indiana, or hogs in Florida the hunting pack you need […]

Making the Switch to Wooden Arrows

When I started shooting a traditional bow a few years ago, I was looking to eventually start hunting with it. Since I was still new to the whole trad world, I decided to stick to what was easiest when it came to arrows and went with a dozen Carbon Express Heritage Traditional arrows. Carbon seemed […]

Reasons to try Traditional Archery

Traditional Archery bow and arrow

I’m sure there are people in this world that ask, “Why would anyone want to use a traditional bow when modern compound bows are readily available? What reasons exist for someone to want to make archery more difficult?” This is not easy to explain. Most of us who shoot traditional archery would say it’s not […]

Bowfishing with a Traditional Bow – The ‘Must Have’ Gear

tribe bowfishing in action

The height of bowfishing season will soon be here and just weeks away from some of the best bowfishing action. So let’s talk about the essential items you’ll need. Regardless of whether you’re after rolling carp from the bank of a river or somewhere on the coast looking for stingrays, the right bowfishing gear will […]