Basic Longbow and Recurve Set-Up

Dale Karch shooting his longbow.

by Dale Karch and Todd Smith Imagine you just picked up a new bow and it’s the first longbow or recurve you’ve ever owned. How do you get started? What do you do first? What steps do you take to get your bow out and start shooting? Read on for the answers! For the scope […]

October Hunting Tips


By Dave Echterling and James McKenzie October is a favorite time of year for most bowhunters. In addition to hunting, many of us spend every spare second in the woods looking for rubs, scrapes, and general signs. There is nothing better than a fall afternoon in the woods. Deer hunting is an ever changing challenge. […]

Becoming an Archery Coach

Archery Training Booklets

Recently I completed the USA Archery Level 2 Archery Coach certification course. My love of traditional archery inspired me to take the course. I wanted to be ‘certified’ to teach archery, and be able to help others to enjoy archery as much as I do. Though I have literally been shooting a bow and arrow […]

Sizing Charts for Archery Gloves, Tabs, Hats, and Clothing

3Rivers General Sizing Charts How to Size our Products   Shooting Gloves/Tabs Extend your hand flat. With a measuring tape, wrap it around the hand just below the knuckles and fingers, but above the thumb. Apply the measurement to the chart below.   Berlin Style Gloves If Hand Measures Men’s Sizes 7.5″ – 8″ = […]