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Welcome to the 3Rivers Archer's Den

Archer's Den

Welcome to the Archer's Den. Here you will find a gathering of traditional archery stories, tips and techniques, trophy animals taken with traditional bows, and plenty more. Stay a while and learn something. We hope you enjoy and even submit a trophy of your own, or leave a comment on a post.

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Arrow Tips by Gold Tip: Arrow Assembly

Gold Tip logo

Arrow Assembly
Broadhead Tuning
Paper Tuning
Bare Shaft Tuning

Arrow Assembly

Gold Tip arrows are not only the best performing arrows on the market; they are also the most user-friendly. With proper care and by adhering to the assembly instructions below you will find Gold Tip shafts quick and easy to assemble in any configuration you desire.

Arrow Cutting

Use only a high speed, abrasive wheel cutoff saw that is designed specifically for cutting arrow shafts. Use of any other method could result in damage to the shaft. It is recommended that your arrow shaft be cut at least one inch in front of the arrow rest at full draw. Arrows that are cut too short can be drawn past the arrow rest which could result in the arrow falling from the string, jamming, or otherwise causing damage to the arrow or the bow, and could even lead to personal injury. Never shoot an arrow that is less than one inch past the arrow rest at full draw.

Tip from the Pros: Try cutting arrow shafts on both ends to improve straightness. Straightness flaws in carbon arrows are typically found on the ends. Cutting both ends will often lead to better straightness and thus, better accuracy.

Installing Inserts

– Read Warning and First Aid instructions on Tip Grip bottle before use.
– Wear safety glasses.
– Do not handle inserts by gluing surfaces as doing so may lead to improper adhesion. Disposable gloves are recommended.
– Use only TIP GRIP adhesive to install inserts. Do not use hot melt glue on carbon arrows.

Step 1: Clean inside of shaft to a depth of 1 inch with clean water on a cotton swab to remove debris. Allow to dry.
Step 2: Apply TIP GRIP adhesive to insert using three generous lines evenly spread and length wise along the flats of the insert.
Step 3: Install insert into shaft and rotate slowly one full turn while doing so.
Step 4: With a clean cloth immediately wipe off any excess glue from the shaft and insert.
Step 5: Allow 24 hours for adhesive to cure before shooting. Shooting before adhesive has fully

Installing Nocks

Gold Tip GT Series and Accu-lite Nocks are designed to fit snuggly without the use of adhesive. Simply press the nock into the shaft and rotate to achieve correct vane orientation.

Gold Tip Pin Nocks and HD Pin Nocks are designed to fit snuggly over a pin nock bushing without the use of adhesive. After following the instructions for installing a Gold Tip pin nock bushing (see below), simply press the nock onto the pin and rotate to achieve correct vane orientation.

Gold Tip Pin Nock Bushings are used in conjunction with a pin nock or HD pin nock. The bushings can be glued in using Tip Grip adhesive or pressed in using plastic or Teflon tape.

Tip from the Pros: Instead of using glue, press your pin nock bushing into the shaft through a piece of plastic grocery bag, or wrap the bushing with Teflon tape prior to pressing it in the shaft. This will allow the bushing to fit tightly without rotating and at the same time, it will allow you to replace the bushing in the event it becomes damaged. If the pin is damaged after being glued in it is very difficult and sometimes not even possible to remove the damaged pin without damaging the shaft. (see photos below)

Nock Install

Nock install

Glue Nock
Glue nock
Glue Point
Glue point

GrizzlyStik Carbon Arrows

GrizzlyStik Carbon Arrows Ad

GrizzlyStik carbon arrows were designed to be the most efficient, hardest hitting, and deepest penetrating carbon arrows ever offered to the bow hunting community. For years these heavyweight carbon arrows have proven themselves on all manner of big game. The GrizzlyStik, like its name sake the Grizzly Bear, has proven itself as being as tough as it gets in any situation. From whitetails to lion, bison to buffalo, there’s nothing tougher than a Grizzly!

Hero Shots using GrizzlyStik carbon arrows

GrizzlyStik carbon arrows are heavy, hunting arrows with one single purpose, to penetrate any game animal for quick, humane kills. The success of heavy arrows has been proven for hundreds of years. The theory is simple but the technology is state-of-the-art. Besides having one of the heaviest grain weight per inch of any carbon shaft available, GrizzlyStik arrows are the only carbon arrow shaft that uses Continuous Taper Technology.

Slow motion photography shows us when an arrow is shot from a bow, it bends. The sudden acceleration at the shot causes bending which is called archer’s paradox. The GrizzlyStik, because of its continuous taper design, has less weight on the rear of the arrow enabling it to recover quickly from this bending. The quicker the recovery, the more energy stays in the arrow. Additionally, very little thought is given to what happens to an arrow at point of impact. Upon impact the meaty front end of a GrizzlyStik carbon arrow resists bending and forces the energy forward rather than wasting it with side to side movement. Side to side movement causes friction and drag which reduces penetration. This feature alone would make GrizzlyStik arrows the best choice in a hunting arrow but there’s more.

GrizzlyStik arrows shoot from any kind of bow and a wide range of bow weights. Offered in four different spines from 450, 330, 250, and 175. Bowhunters are able to perfectly tune one of these spines and any point weight to their hunting bow. From longbow, recurve, to compound.

GrizzlyStik Momentum U-FOC carbon arrow shafting

GrizzlyStik arrows, with their translucent amber-brown hue, are unlike other carbon arrows that are made of stacked layers of unidirectional carbon fibers, they’re the only carbon shaft using a proprietary Nano Carbon infused woven carbon construction. This material has extremely strong cross directional and impact strength, making the GrizzlyStik nearly indestructible, and is lighter and stiffer for using with heavier point weight for Ultra Forward-of-center (FOC) performance.

Hunting Dangerous Game Buffalo with GrizzlyStik carbon arrow

Try a six-pack of GrizzlyStik carbon arrow shafts today, we feel they’re an excellent choice for all bowhunters whether shooting longbows, recurve bows, or even compound bows. When it’s you or them, don’t settle for less than the original GrizzlyStik!

Grizzly Bear shot with GrizzlyStik carbon arrow


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Learning More About Carbon Arrows

By: Dale Karch and Todd Smith

Dale Karch with Moose
Carbon arrow shafts offer a straight and sturdy alternative to wood arrows, perfect for taking down nature’s toughest trophies!

Like a thief in the night, carbon arrows have been sneaking away with an ever-growing share of the traditional archery shaft and arrow market. And why shouldn’t they? The carbon arrows of today are among the finest projectiles ever shot from a stick and string. They hold exacting tolerances for weight, spine, and straightness. They’re more durable than any other shafting material ever produced, and with the ‘wood-look’ patterns now available, they are very appealing to the aesthetic demands of traditional archers everywhere. With so many new people entering the sport of traditional archery, the need for quality, low-maintenance shafting is huge. With carbon arrows, there’s no need for straightening, sanding, painting, or sealing like on wood shafting. You just fletch, install inserts & points, and shoot. We predict it won’t be long till carbon arrows own the lion’s share of the total shaft and arrow market, including the traditional archery market.

Which types of carbon arrow shafts are the most popular with traditional archers? What are the unique needs of the traditional archer/bowhunter? Which styles sell best to traditional archers/bowhunters? Read on for the answers.

Everyone loves wood. Come on, you know it. The warm, natural look of wood is hard to resist. After all, if you’re shooting a beautiful custom wood bow, it only makes sense that you’d like your arrows to compliment the beauty of the bow, doesn’t it? The wood-look carbon shafts outsell all other patterns by a margin of about ten to one.

Traditional Only Wood Grain Carbon Shafting
Carbon shafts with a traditional wood look are best sellers.

Speaking of good looks, we need to insert a bit of an aside here. For carbon arrows to look ‘traditional,’ you’ll have to have feathers. Vanes just aren’t going to cut it for most of these guys. Most of them are shooting off the shelf anyway, so vanes do not work even if they wanted to use them. We find that 5″ Shield Cut TrueFlight Feathers in left wing sell the best.

TrueFlight Shield cut Feathers
Feathers offer a traditional touch to your carbon arrows.

The heavier the better! Traditional bows shoot arrows that are on the heavy side. This has historically been the largest obstacle, (and still is a concern), with shooters in traditional circles who wanted to try carbons early on. Fortunately, the carbon arrow manufacturers now offer heavier shafts that can be shot safely from traditional bows. How heavy is heavy? Look for a minimum of 8-10 grains per pound of bow weight. Think about it. We all know we’re not supposed to dry fire our bows. Yet some archers make a conscious effort to shoot the lightest arrow they possibly can, banking on the “speed kills” theory. They’re right too. Speed achieved like that does kill. It kills your bow! The dynamic recovery of the limbs on longbows and recurve bows casts heavier arrows better than ultra-light arrows. In other words, if the arrow does not weigh enough, it can’t receive all of the potential energy the limbs are attempting to transfer. This leaves an excess of energy in the limbs and creates an unpleasant “thump” (Or “slam” depending on the situation) when the limbs come home. The lighter the arrow set-up, the more like a dry fire the shot becomes. With light arrows the shot experience becomes harsh, the stress on the bow and string is dangerous, and your arrow ends up with much less penetrating power. Sounds like a bit of a “Lose-Lose” situation doesn’t it? Tests have confirmed the fact that longbows and recurve bows shoot heavier arrows best. Keep that in mind when shopping for carbon arrows.

Byron Ferguson Penthalon Heavy Hunter Carbon Shafts
Gold Tip Byron Ferguson Heavy Hunters are for the serious hunter looking for max weight for deep penetration.

Another feature to look for in carbon arrows is a smaller diameter, like 5/16″ or 9/32″. Since most wood arrows have a diameter of 11/32″ or 23/64″. Getting the arrow closer to the center of a bow helps with arrow flight and accuracy.

You may be wondering if any one company answers all of these needs. The good news is that we’ve found one! The tip of the hat goes to Easton Archery.

Easton Archery and 3Rivers Archery teamed up to offer the ever popular, Traditional Only carbon arrow. A 3Rivers Archery exclusive carbon shaft made from high-strength ICS® C2™ carbon composite fiber with a no-glare PhotoFusion™ wood grain finish for a superb look, and dead quiet when drawing your bow. Comes with white Easton Super nocks installed and aluminum inserts loose. 3Rivers sells them as bare carbon shafting and fletched. The fletched arrows have a white cap wrap and 3-fletched with 5″ shield cut TrueFlight feathers, one traditional barred, two solid colors (in red, white, yellow, or lime).

Easton Traditional Only Carbon Arrow
The Easton / 3Rivers Traditional Only® series offers five different shaft spines to match any bow.

Do you have any weight sets? No, not the dusty bench press and weights abandoned in your basement or garage. There are now a multitude of aftermarket weight accessories available for controlling the overall mass weight and even balance of your carbon arrows. Weight tubes, steel broadhead adapters, brass inserts, and other similar weighting systems are now available for carbon arrows.

3Rivers Arrow Weight TubesSteel Screw-in Broadhead AdaptersBrass Arrow Inserts
You can bump up the weight of your carbon arrows with weight systems such as 3Rivers Weight Tubes, Steel Broadhead Adapters, and Brass Inserts.

Weight tubes are thin plastic tubes that slide inside the shafts and are commonly available in three, five, and eight grains per inch weights for 5/16″ and micro 9/32″ arrow diameters. Solid steel broadhead adapters allow the use of glue-on broadheads and are considerably stronger than the aluminum type, and can themselves weigh up to 125 grains. They are an excellent choice for adding weight to your carbon arrows. Brass inserts replace your arrows included aluminum inserts. They are heavier, up to 100 grains, and more durable than the inserts that come with your arrows.

There is another popular weight-adding products offered by Gold Tip Arrows. It is an entire adjustable weight system comprised or weighted components that screw directly into special threaded inserts allowing you complete control of the total arrow weight. The Nock Adapters fit most carbon arrows and add 20 grains of weight to your nock end. These components are available from 10 to 50 grain increments and can open a wide world of fine-tuning to the arrow shooting ‘crank’ that lives for perfection in arrow flight.

Gold Tip Weight System Screw-in WeightsGold Tip Weight System Nock Adapters
The Gold Tip Weight System offers you complete control of your arrows’ weight.

Don’t forget good old screw-in points. They are now available in weights up to 300 grains! What an easy way to increase your arrow weight and test your arrow flight. Just screw in a heavier point. Be sure to pick up a test kit of field points when you are tuning your arrows.

Screw-in Field Points Heavy WeightScrew-in Field Points Test Kit
Screw-In Points are a great way to increase arrow weight and test arrow flight.

From heavy field points, to steel adapters, from weight tubes to point & nock weight systems, there are many ways for the modern traditional archer/bowhunter to customize their carbon arrows to match their bow type and hunting style. Spend some time investigating them, add them to your tackle box, and reap the rewards of personalized and optimized carbon arrows.

There you have it! The secrets to choosing and using carbon arrows with a traditional set-up. Go for a wood look. Make sure the shafts are heavy enough in mass weight. Consider at least a few selections of feathers. And check out some of the different weight systems.

You’ll soon discover that carbon arrows can offer the traditional feel and look, while also giving you a sturdier and straighter shaft. It’s the best of both worlds!

Keep Hunting
Dale Karch & Todd Smith

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