Youth Recurve Bow and Arrow Set by 3Rivers ArcheryItem Number: 2450X
$159.99 $159.99
Youth Recurve Bow and Arrow Set by 3Rivers Archery

Youth Recurve Bow and Arrow Set by 3Rivers Archery

Item Number: 2450X
$159.99 $159.99

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The 3Rivers youth bow and arrow set is a great way to get your kids started in archery. Everything you need is in this set.

Includes: Popular no-tools takedown recurve youth bow with elevated rest and bow string, 3 durable 27½" feather fletched arrows, tournament style hip quiver, bow stringer, armguard, shooting tab, 25" x 25" paper target, and a bow case to store it all in. Case style and arrow color may vary. Imported bow and arrows.

Like we said, everything your kids need to start shooting a bow and arrow.

All bow models tapped with front stabilizer, ATA accessory, and plunger inserts for using bow sights, stabilizers, and plungers.
    Use the following guide for selecting a bow: Available in Right hand only
  • 48" bow, 25# @ 22" fits kids 6-10
  • 54" bow, 29# @ 24" fits kids 10-14

See Bow Selection Tips

Available in Right Hand only, bow weight at a 28" draw length. Remember that with a traditional bow the weight will change depending upon what your draw length is. Bow weight will change approximately ±1-2 pounds for every inch from a bows rated draw length. So a bow rated 30# @ 28" bow is roughly a 28# @ 27". Draw weight is marked at the nearest 5# increment to actual weight, (2#'s under and 3#'s over). This is an industry wide standard.

A bow stringer is recommended for stringing any recurve bow or longbow. Stringing a bow without a bow stringer, or stringing it backwards will void a bow's warranty. It is recommended to unstring your bow if you do not plan to be shooting more than week. Store your bow on its side, or hanging vertically from a peg. Never rest the bow on the lower tip for extended periods of time. Never dry fire the bow (shooting without an arrow).