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Welcome to the 3Rivers Archer's Den

Archer's Den

Welcome to the Archer's Den. Here you will find a gathering of traditional archery stories, tips and techniques, trophy animals taken with traditional bows, and plenty more. Stay a while and learn something. We hope you enjoy and even submit a trophy of your own, or leave a comment on a post.

Product Review

What is the Best Arrow Quiver for me?

How to Decide Which Arrow Quiver is Right for you? Trying to choose the right quiver can be as difficult as choosing the right bow. While the essential purpose is to simply hold arrows, there are many options available. So where do you start? Other than personal preference, it’s going to depend on the type […]

How to Make a Ghillie Suit Fit

Ghillie suit sized and adjusted

The ghillie suit is an excellent addition to the traditional bowhunter’s bag of tricks. The textured camouflage clothing of a ghillie suit is designed to break up your outline to help you blend into your environment. Ghillie suits are also called sniper suits as they are used by military sniper units all over the world. […]

What Makes the Best Recurve Bow Cases?

Finding the best recurve bow cases

A bow case to protect your recurve bow should be high on your list of archery gear must-haves, as let’s face it, recurve bows are valuable, both in cost, and the sentimental value that grows over time. A bow case for your recurve will help keep your bow safe. Plus, for many states it is […]

Become a Better Archer with the Shot Trainer

What is the Astra Shot Trainer, and What Will it do for me? For those of us serious about shooting their bows, the shot trainer is for you. The Shot Trainer helps with building ‘shot muscle’ in order to improve your accuracy down range or chasing big game. The Shot Trainer delivers excellent warm-up before […]

3Rivers DAS Bows Dalaa Testimonials

Chuck Ballweg and his new Dalaa recurve bow. “Got home and found my Dalaa at the doorstep. I couldn’t wait to try it out. Assembly was so simple and no tools but I had to install a T-300 rest, DAS plunger, nocking point, SRF Sight, Simms shorty stabilizer and started with brace height at 7¾” […]

SRF Sight System Buyer’s Guide

SRF Sight System Theory and use of the SRF sight: This sight uses the eyes natural ability to center objects much as a round aperture does. Unlike a round aperture though, this shaped aperture allows you to memorize target positions along the tapered shape. The sight must be used until that memorization occurs and becomes […]

Reviewing Archery Targets and the Wall Archery Backstop

The Wall Target Backstop

Jason D. Mills Working at 3Rivers Archery it’s fair to say that I shoot traditional archery a lot. I’ve had the opportunity to try many different bows and arrows, which means I’ve shot a lot of targets (and target faces). Recently, I was given the opportunity to test a handful of these targets for our […]

Kodiak Wireless Trail Camera Review

Kodiak Wireless Trail Camera Review

By Jason D. Mills There are innumerable trail camera reviews online boasting that they’ve found the best trail camera or hunting camera, but they all have many of the same problems. You have to keep your game camera close enough to the ground to access regularly, which leaves it susceptible to theft. You have to […]

Reviewing the Martin Independence Recurve

Martin Independence Recurve Bow

I recently had the opportunity to pick-up the new Martin Independence Recurve. Speaking with the Martin representative over the phone, he told me that the Independence Recurve’s light weight, small size, and stabilizer bushing made it perfect for bowfishing. I was intrigued, and being that bowfishing season will quickly be upon us, I decided to […]

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