3Rivers DAS Bows Dalaa Testimonials

Chuck Ballweg and his new Dalaa recurve bow
Chuck Ballweg and his new Dalaa recurve bow.

“Got home and found my Dalaa at the doorstep. I couldn’t wait to try it out. Assembly was so simple and no tools but I had to install a T-300 rest, DAS plunger, nocking point, SRF Sight, Simms shorty stabilizer and started with brace height at 7¾” since new string.

Didn’t have much time to shoot before dark but shot the first arrow from 10 feet in front of bale and WOW. Absolutely no vibration or shock.

I started shooting with the same Axis 400 arrows that I was using on my Hoyt but they were showing a weak spine. I shot thru paper and confirmed they were definitely weak. I then switched to Axis 340 and they shot perfect thru paper. I fine tuned the nocking point and shot about 20 arrows before it got dark. Within a few arrows I was grouping just as tight as my Hoyt bow but with considerable less vibration.

I decided to check the poundage and was surprised that the Dalaa was 64# at my draw. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, just surprised because it did not feel any heavier than the 60# Hoyt. I re-measured the brace height on the Dalaa and it had come down a little to 7 5/8″. I measure poundage with an Easton Digital scale so I think it is very close and I use a clicker to make sure my draw is the same every time. I put the Dalaa on my pulley board where I can crank it back and hold it at full draw to measure the draw length. Measuring from the string to the front of the bow my draw on the Dalaa is 30″. On the Hoyt measured the same way it is 29¼”. I am guessing the difference is due to the difference in the risers.

Now I just need to get out and shoot some more. Rain coming in this week so I might be getting wet but won’t matter, I have to shoot this bow. I already see I will have to learn all new gaps on the SRF sight.

My initial reaction; WOW!! I see what all the hype is about.”

Chuck Ballweg, CA

Henry Kulhawick and a group from his new Dalaa recurve bow
Henry Kulhawick and a group from his new Dalaa recurve bow.

“Just got mine Friday. I put a plunger, flipper rest, Doinker stabilizer and a regular single pin sight. And shoot with a release aid. This thing shoots like a Mathews. Smooth and accurate!”

Henry Kulhawick, Ohio

“My new Dalaa just arrived this weekend. In no time at all, I added a shorty plunger, SRF sight and flipper rest. NOW, I was ready shoot some arrows. I will share with you my thoughts on this bow.
Although some folks may prefer a more traditional look, the eye appeal was really high for me. The fit and finish was first rate. I like the camo pattern and the brown riser combination. The pre-silenced string was neat too.

Moreover, this bow really handles extremely well. My LH bow is 58 inches long, 55# @ 28″, but it seems to shoot faster than my other heavier bows. Stable in the hand and just plain fun to shoot. Now, it did take a bit of getting use, in adapting to the SRF site, but I was shooting decent groups quickly and even though I have never been a great GAP or instinctive shooter, I feel that this bow can really enhance my shooting skills going forward.

This bow has ALL the fine attributes that I was looking for…. ATTABOY for David Soza and 3Rivers!”

Barry Buckley, Arkansas

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