Testimonials for Alex Gouthro Moose Madness DVD


M.R. James with Moose

M.R. James, Founder/Editor Emeritus of Bowhunter Magazine

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Here is a Moose Madness Masterpiece

You gotta give credit to Alex Gouthro. When this guy sets out to create the most comprehensive video guide on moose hunting and calling ever produced, he does it right. Several years in the making, Gouthro’s Moose Madness Series DVD package is an A-to-Z action/information blockbuster that should be required viewing for anyone venturing into moose country.

In all, there are 4 DVDs and over 6 hours of video footage giving you everything you’ll ever need to know about North America’s largest member of the cervidae family: moose characteristics, subspecies and sizes, habitat, and a complete understanding of the moose rut. But once this general moose info is laid out, the focus shifts to specific calling techniques and tips, hunting setups, decoying, and numerous in-the-field encounters with rutting bulls. As a bonus, there’s a crash course in moose anatomy, shot placement, and field dressing complemented by expert advice on choosing effective firearms and bowhunting gear. A couple of actual calling/shooting sequences cap the action.

Speaking as someone who’s hunted moose with Alex Gouthro and seen this master Ontario caller, guide, and fellow bowhunter in action, I can attest to the fact he’s the real deal. In fact, 97% of the DVD footage was taped by Alex and his hunting buddies outside of federal or provincial parks in actual hunting areas during open seasons. Such realism adds an unmistakable air of authenticity and authority to Moose Madness. I give it an enthusiastic thumbs up!

Interested readers can obtain complete ordering information by going online and visiting www.gouthrosmoosemadness.com at Northwest Video Productions’ home page. To reach Alex directly, send emails to agouthro@tbaytel.net or call (807) 767-0494. His own successful Northern Ontario Bowhunter Services offers quality hunts in prime Canada moose country.

M. R. James

M. R. James, Founder/Editor Emeritus of Bowhunter Magazine, is a living legend in bowhunting circles, and is still living his lifetime of bowhunting experiences. Leading by example, he has made vast contributions to the education of bowhunters through his writings – and through encouraging others to share their experiences in the written form. In fact, he encouraged Alex Gouthro to write his first article back in 1993.


Dana Brackins Bronson with Moose
Moose Hunter, Dana Brackins Bronson, Michigan

Alex, thank you for your years of hard work in the field and the hundreds of hours you must have spent in the editing room on the production of the Gouthro’s Moose Madness Series On Moose Hunting & Calling.

I have been hunting for over 30 years and have many, many times purchased so-called educational-type videos to try to learn all about the species that I am going to be hunting. In all those years I have never seen anything as comprehensive as the four- part DVD set making up the Gouthro’s Moose Madness Series. This is by far the most comprehensive set of educational hunting videos I have ever watched. Watching these videos was almost as good as spending years in the woods personally with you. I felt I was there — learning all the secrets of a professional moose hunting guide and caller.

I hunted moose for five years before taking my first bull. I truly believe that if I had your series of DVD’s before starting on my quest for a moose I would have been successful much, much earlier. I feel that if first-time hunters were to study the Moose Madness Series before going on their first moose hunt it would not only save them money but also allow them to better enjoy the hunt. I know without a doubt that it would increase their chances of success.

This set of DVD’s are not just for beginners; they are a ‘must have’ for both new and experienced moose hunters. I have watched them three times so far and am learning something new each and every time. The lessons learned from these DVD’s would be a bargain at twice the price.

Dana Brackins is a highly successful bowhunter and is presently the Pro Staff – Field Staff Director for Carbon Express Products, Eastman Outdoors, Inc.

Moose Hunter Rick Guyatt

Moose Hunter Rick Guyatt Oakville Ontario

Alex, thank you for taking a moment to speak with me following your seminar on Friday March 17th at the Toronto Sportsman Show. You may recall we discussed the increasing moose mortality related to heat and global warming.

First let me congratulate you on a significant achievement. Even those not particularly interested in hunting will find the live footage of moose in the wild startling and fascinating. Up close and personal is probably the best way to describe this magnificence footage.

Your DVD Series is the most comprehensive I have found in 10 years of research and reading on the subject of moose and moose hunting. I have collected many videos on moose hunting; however, I particularly liked your overall approach to the subject and the manner in which you formatted the content. Your video series covers the subject of moose hunting from start to finish.

The content is presented in a logical sequence and chaptered for quick reference to specific subject areas. This makes the series appropriate for both the novice and the experienced moose hunter.

As to the moose anatomy and shot placement portion of the series, I was particularly pleased with the overlays and red dot marks on live footage of real animals in their natural habitat. This gives the viewer a truer sense of how it feels to locate the aiming spot, but even more importantly it communicates a sense of timing the shot and the short window of time to hit the spot if the animal is moving. Yours is the first presentation I have found which deals at length with the frontal shot.

Thank you again for your significant contribution to the field of moose hunting.