3Rivers Archery Techs – Dave

3Rivers Archery Tech, Dave

Get to Know Our Techs: Dave Dave from 3Rivers Archery   Q. What bow do you shoot? I shoot a DX5 longbow 62″, 50# with black riser and Woodland Camo limbs. I made a 12 strand string made of Dyna-10 with BCY #62 braided center serving, .025″ diameter. I shoot 3-under using the Fred Eichler […]

GrizzlyStik Carbon Arrows

GrizzlyStik Arrows

GrizzlyStik carbon arrows were designed to be the most efficient, hardest hitting, and deepest penetrating carbon arrows ever offered to the bow hunting community. For years these heavyweight carbon arrows have proven themselves on all manner of big game. The GrizzlyStik, like its name sake the Grizzly Bear, has proven itself as being as tough […]

Setting Up An Archery Range

setting up your own archery range

by Johnathan Karch   So Where Do I Go To Shoot My Bow? I find that one of the toughest issues for new archers is not what bow or arrows to get, but where are they going to shoot? Not everyone has a local archery range that they can stop by anytime to shoot. A […]

Bow Fishing with Longbows and Recurves

Bow Fishing is one of bow hunting’s most exciting and addicting pursuits. Hunting fish with a bow and arrow is action-filled and a perfect activity for introducing almost anyone, regardless of age or gender, to hunting with the bow and arrow. As a sport in the U.S., it has been around for decades. Fred Bear, […]

Traditional Archery Accessories

traditional archery accessories

By: Dale Karch and Todd Smith Fill in the gaps in your archery gear with some essential archery accessories. Who can resist the beautiful woods and graceful lines of a fine custom recurve or longbow? Or, how about handcrafted, all-leather back quivers filled with stunning wooden arrows? These are the items that normally get all […]

Product Demos: How-To Videos from 3Rivers Archery 9

3rivers archery product demos

3Rivers Archery Product Demos/How-To Videos Assembling the Tomahawk Take-Down Longbow Dale Karch of 3Rivers Archery demonstrates how to assemble and disassemble a Tomahawk Take-Down Longbow. .   Sharpening the Woodsman Broadhead Dale Karch of 3Rivers Archery demonstrates how to sharpen the deadly Woodsman Broadhead using the Stubby JewelStik Diamond Hone, Broadhead File, Flat Stone or […]

All You Wanted to Know About Primitive Archery

Primitive Archery

Primitive Archery By: Dale Karch and Todd Smith Primitive Archery really takes Archery back to the basics by adding Stone to the Traditional “Stick & String” equation. The needs of the primitive archer are simple. They work with simple hand tools making primitive bows, primitive arrows, stone arrowheads, and the like.   When it comes […]

Choosing a Broadhead for the Shot of a Lifetime

choosing a broadhead

By Dean VanderHorst Arrow Production Manager When choosing a broadhead, there is a lot of information out there to wade through that can be confusing and overwhelming. “Do I shoot 2-blade or 3-blade?” “Is 4-blade better than both?” “What really is a fixed blade broadhead?” “How important is grain weight?” “Why would I want a […]

Converting ILF Limbs to DAS Bushings


DAS ILF – Converting ILF Limbs to DAS Bushings Some fitting is required to convert ILF limbs for use on the DAS bow. Follow the instructions carefully and you will have no trouble. The first step is to remove the ILF dovetail fitting. Remove the screw from the top of the fitting. Remove the spring […]

Sharpening Traditional Broadheads

Sharpening broadheads

By: Dale Karch and Todd Smith Sharpening broadheads is a misunderstood, but necessary art. The guy behind the counter hands you your first pack of cut-on-contact broadheads. First there’s the blank stare… the deer in the headlights look. Then you see a glimmer of the light flickering on as the realization sinks in. “You mean […]