Building Wood Arrows, Where to Start

Building wood arrows

3Rivers Hunter Arrows Wood is the most prolific and successful arrow material ever used by man. They’ve been in continuous use for thousands of years, keeping us fed, protecting us from enemies, and delighting us in bow hunting and target archery venues. Yes, wood arrows have withstood the test of time. To Americans, they’re beautiful […]

5 Tips for Bow Hunting the Rut

Denny Sturgis Jr and Big Buck

by Denny Sturgis Jr. Implementing these five tips into your rut hunting game plan could tip the odds in your favor this season. When the rut approaches, numerous things are changing in the whitetail world. Priorities change for most bucks. Food and security slide down the list to make room for propagation and buck movement […]

Reviewing Archery Targets and the Wall Archery Backstop

The Wall Target Backstop

Jason D. Mills Working at 3Rivers Archery it’s fair to say that I shoot traditional archery a lot. I’ve had the opportunity to try many different bows and arrows, which means I’ve shot a lot of targets (and target faces). Recently, I was given the opportunity to test a handful of these targets for our […]

Hunting Black Bear with a Recurve Bow

Johnathan Karch and his black bear harvest.

By Johnathan Karch I waited many years before going after my first black bear. I started applying for preference points in Wisconsin when I still lived in the state, but kept applying for years after I moved to Indiana. I believe I had nine (or 10, hard to remember) preference points, only getting one per […]

How to: Arrow Cresting

By Jason Mills The other day James, one of our traditional archery technical experts, came up to me to show me his newly crested arrow. They’re pretty sweet, if I do say so myself, and after James told me how easy it was I decided to write a short “how to” post about it. The […]

How to Layer Hunting Clothes for All-Day Comfort

This story has been re-published with the permission of Core4Element. Find the original story here. One of the most important things a hunter must consider before going out into the field is choosing the best hunting clothing for the conditions. But even the best gear is useless without knowing the best way to wear it. […]