But How do I Bowfish?

Bowfishing from a boat

By Jason D. Mills You know what bowfishing is, and you’re interested in trying, but you’re still not quite sure how or where to start. Bowfishing is unique in the world of archery in that it can be practiced day or night, on land, while wading in the water, or on a boat. To get […]

Don’t Leave Your Bow Hanging This Summer!

Recurve Bowfishing

By Patrick Durkin Bowfishing has been growing in popularity in recent years as more beginning archers look for fun shooting opportunities for spring and summer. As with almost everything in archery, you can get into bowfishing at nearly any price point you choose. For basic equipment, some archers simply buy a kit that includes: One […]

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day from 3Rivers Archery

By Jason D. Mills Happy Father’s Day! Becoming a father was one of the most transformative experiences I’ve ever had in my life. Right up there with earning my Eagle, Globe and Anchor, getting my Bachelor’s Degree, and getting married. Granted, being a dad is an ongoing experience – as my daughter is only three, […]

Kodiak Wireless Trail Camera Review

Kodiak Wireless Trail Camera Review

By Jason D. Mills There are innumerable trail camera reviews online boasting that they’ve found the best trail camera or hunting camera, but they all have many of the same problems. You have to keep your game camera close enough to the ground to access regularly, which leaves it susceptible to theft. You have to […]

Tales From the Rut: Spur of The Moment Bowhunting Success

By Patrick Kelly This story has been republished with the permission of Patrick Kelly, who, at the time of writing this article, was preparing to go on a bear hunt. I was planning on leaving for my bear hunt early Friday (June 12) morning, but I decided to leave Thursday (June 11) instead, so I could make […]

Archery Art to Brighten Your Day (PICS)

By Jason D. Mills   It’s Wednesday and it’s raining outside – it has been for a couple of days. If you’re like me, this means you’re starting to get antsy and you’re ready to start shooting your bow again. To help tide you over, here are some photos of archery artwork – proving that […]

Remembering D-Day

By Jason D. Mills As a United States Marine, I know what it means to see honor, courage, and commitment in action. However, I will never know the sacrifice of those men who went before me on June 6, 1944 when they stormed the beach at Normandy. As we remember the 71st anniversary of D-Day, 3Rivers […]

Traditional Archery Community Fights Childhood Illness

Above is Edward Seales, one of the auction donors, and his son Asher, who is now deceased. Asher is the reason Edward is participating in the auction . “We don't even understand the disease that killed him. It doesn't have a name, just a location on a chromosome. He may have been the only person to have it,” he said. “We know it has some relation to Marfan syndrome, as it had connective tissue abnormalities, but it was far more severe than anything I have ever experienced.” “I hate to hear ‘I don't know what this disease is.’ I've heard it enough, and nobody could ever figure out my only son. Maybe the money we raise will help one family not go through this.” You can bid on Edward’s donation here.

By Jason D. Mills   It’s a fate no parent ever wants to face, but it’s something that tens of thousands of families face each year – serious childhood illness. Children, often too young to speak, many times cannot express exactly what ails them, which can make diagnosis go from difficult to nearly impossible. This […]

DIY Traditional Archery Targets

The Sandbox Archery Target

By Jason D. Mills   For the traditional archer, high quality archery targets are awesome, but they can get expensive quick. Personally, I love my Yellow Jacket Supreme, but there are many people who love traditional archery because of the DIY aspect, which seems to accompany the sport. It’s for those reasons that I’ve decided […]