GrizzlyStik Carbon Arrows

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GrizzlyStik carbon arrows were designed to be the most efficient, hardest hitting, and deepest penetrating carbon arrows ever offered to the bow hunting community. For years these heavyweight carbon arrows have proven themselves on all manner of big game. The GrizzlyStik, like its name sake the Grizzly Bear, has proven itself as being as tough as it gets in any situation. From whitetails to lion, bison to buffalo, there’s nothing tougher than a Grizzly!

Hero Shots using GrizzlyStik carbon arrows

GrizzlyStik carbon arrows are heavy, hunting arrows with one single purpose, to penetrate any game animal for quick, humane kills. The success of heavy arrows has been proven for hundreds of years. The theory is simple but the technology is state-of-the-art. Besides having one of the heaviest grain weight per inch of any carbon shaft available, GrizzlyStik arrows are the only carbon arrow shaft that uses Continuous Taper Technology.

Slow motion photography shows us when an arrow is shot from a bow, it bends. The sudden acceleration at the shot causes bending which is called archer’s paradox. The GrizzlyStik, because of its continuous taper design, has less weight on the rear of the arrow enabling it to recover quickly from this bending. The quicker the recovery, the more energy stays in the arrow. Additionally, very little thought is given to what happens to an arrow at point of impact. Upon impact the meaty front end of a GrizzlyStik carbon arrow resists bending and forces the energy forward rather than wasting it with side to side movement. Side to side movement causes friction and drag which reduces penetration. This feature alone would make GrizzlyStik arrows the best choice in a hunting arrow but there’s more.

GrizzlyStik arrows shoot from any kind of bow and a wide range of bow weights. Offered in four different spines from 450, 330, 250, and 175. Bowhunters are able to perfectly tune one of these spines and any point weight to their hunting bow. From longbow, recurve, to compound.

GrizzlyStik Momentum U-FOC carbon arrow shafting

GrizzlyStik arrows, with their translucent amber-brown hue, are unlike other carbon arrows that are made of stacked layers of unidirectional carbon fibers, they’re the only carbon shaft using a proprietary Nano Carbon infused woven carbon construction. This material has extremely strong cross directional and impact strength, making the GrizzlyStik nearly indestructible, and is lighter and stiffer for using with heavier point weight for Ultra Forward-of-center (FOC) performance.

Hunting Dangerous Game Buffalo with GrizzlyStik carbon arrow

Try a six-pack of GrizzlyStik carbon arrow shafts today, we feel they’re an excellent choice for all bowhunters whether shooting longbows, recurve bows, or even compound bows. When it’s you or them, don’t settle for less than the original GrizzlyStik!

Grizzly Bear shot with GrizzlyStik carbon arrow


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