Product Demos: How-To Videos from 3Rivers Archery 11

Product Demos/How-To Videos from 3Rivers Archery

Little Chopper Feather Die Cutter

3Rivers Archery has purchased the exclusive rights to the legendary Little Chopper! Enjoy this informative video about the use of this versatile and quality feather chopper.

The Arrow Whiz!

This tutorial takes you step-by-step through our new online tool, the Arrow Whiz. The Arrow Whiz allows you to design your own arrows, choosing material, fletching, cap wraps, inserts, points, broadheads, nocks, and more. You can build your own custom arrows online and have them shipped right to your door. It’s simple! It’s fast! And it’s FUN!

Setting Up a Youth Bow

Johnathan Karch of 3Rivers Archery shows you how to set up your youth bow. A great resource for parents who’ve just purchased one of our take down youth bows as a gift. As always, if you have any questions, give our tech line a call at 866-587-9501. The bow used in this demonstration is the Mohegan Take Down Recurve.

Tru-Center Taper Tool V2

Johnathan Karch of 3Rivers Archery demonstrates the new, improved, easy-to-use Tru-Center Taper Tool V2!

Byron Ferguson GoldTip Heavy Hunter Arrows

The legendary Byron Ferguson demonstrates the power and performance of his new GoldTip Heavy Hunter Arrows! Now available at

Sound of the String Trailer

Brad Isham writes a truly compelling novel about bow hunting in Africa. 3Rivers Archery is proud to offer this critically acclaimed novel.

Cartel Aluminum Arrow Straightener

Johnathan Karch of 3Rivers Archery demonstrates how to use the Cartel Aluminum Arrow Straightener. This tool is a great way to extend the life of your aluminum arrows. Takes out bends and makes your arrows straight and true once again! Buy it today at, item #5902.

2012 3Rivers Archery Commercial

3Rivers Archery presents our 2012 commercial. You’ll see this commercial on several outdoor shows on various networks.

Byron Ferguson Heavy Hunter Arrows Demonstration

Byron Ferguson demonstrates the accuracy and penetration of his GoldTip Heavy Hunter Arrows. Great slow-motion shots! GoldTip Heavy Hunter Shafts, Item 6700X at!

Papa Strut Decoy Demonstration

3Rivers Archery is proud to offer Montana Decoys, including the Papa Strut! The Papa Strut features patented technology that allows you to quickly and quietly break down the decoy into two pieces, connected by four strong magnets. The decoy weighs about the same as a bottle of water and fits easily into any turkey vest, making it the most portable and packable 3D full strut decoy available. You can order the Papa Strut and other Montana Decoys at, item #6910X.

Fred Eichler Easton Bowhunting TV, 3Rivers Archery visit

This past fall, Fred Eichler of Easton Bowhunting TV visited 3Rivers Archery to meet the employees and tour the warehouse. Fred also found time for some Indiana whitetail hunting with 3Rivers Archery President, Dale Karch. Be sure to tune in this season to Easton Bowhunting TV for all the Eichler action! The show will air Friday May 3rd at 10:00 p.m. ET on The Sportsman Channel!

Adding Weight to Arrows

Johnathan Karch of 3Rivers Archery discusses various options for increasing your FOC (Front of Center) weight on your carbon and wood arrows.