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Welcome to the 3Rivers Archer's Den

Archer's Den

Welcome to the Archer's Den. Here you will find a gathering of traditional archery stories, tips and techniques, trophy animals taken with traditional bows, and plenty more. Stay a while and learn something. We hope you enjoy and even submit a trophy of your own, or leave a comment on a post.

Tips & Techniques

Setting Up An Archery Range

setting up your own archery range

by Johnathan Karch So Where Do I Go To Shoot My Bow? I find that one of the toughest issues for new archers is not what bow or arrows to get, but where are they going to shoot? Not everyone has a local archery range that they can stop by anytime to shoot. A great […]

Traditional Archery Accessories

traditional archery accessories

By: Dale Karch and Todd Smith Fill in the gaps in your archery gear with some essential archery accessories. Who can resist the beautiful woods and graceful lines of a fine custom recurve or longbow? Or, how about handcrafted, all-leather back quivers filled with stunning wooden arrows? These are the items that normally get all […]

Product Demos: How-To Videos from 3Rivers Archery 9

3rivers archery product demos

3Rivers Archery Product Demos/How-To Videos Assembling the Tomahawk Take-Down Longbow Dale Karch of 3Rivers Archery demonstrates how to assemble and disassemble a Tomahawk Take-Down Longbow. . Sharpening the Woodsman Broadhead Dale Karch of 3Rivers Archery demonstrates how to sharpen the deadly Woodsman Broadhead using the Stubby JewelStik Diamond Hone, Broadhead File, Flat Stone or Flat […]

Choosing a Broadhead for the Shot of a Lifetime

choosing a broadhead

By Dean VanderHorst Arrow Production Manager When choosing a broadhead, there is a lot of information out there to wade through that can be confusing and overwhelming. “Do I shoot 2-blade or 3-blade?” “Is 4-blade better than both?” “What really is a fixed blade broadhead?” “How important is grain weight?” “Why would I want a […]

Sharpening Traditional Broadheads

Sharpening broadheads

By: Dale Karch and Todd Smith Sharpening broadheads is a misunderstood, but necessary art. The guy behind the counter hands you your first pack of cut-on-contact broadheads. First there’s the blank stare… the deer in the headlights look. Then you see a glimmer of the light flickering on as the realization sinks in. “You mean […]

5 Tips for Bow Hunting the Rut

Denny Sturgis Jr and Big Buck

by Denny Sturgis Jr. Implementing these five tips into your rut hunting game plan could tip the odds in your favor this season. When the rut approaches, numerous things are changing in the whitetail world. Priorities change for most bucks. Food and security slide down the list to make room for propagation and buck movement […]

How to: Arrow Cresting

The other day James, one of our traditional archery technical experts, came up to me to show me his newly crested arrow. They’re pretty sweet, if I do say so myself, and after James told me how easy it was I decided to write a short “how to” post about it. The short and sweet. […]

How to Layer Hunting Clothes for All-Day Comfort

This story has been re-published with the permission of Core4Element. The link to the original story is no longer available. One of the most important things a hunter must consider before going out into the field is choosing the best hunting clothing for the conditions. But even the best gear is useless without knowing the […]

But How do I Bowfish?

Bowfishing from a boat

By Jason D. Mills You know what bowfishing is, and you’re interested in trying, but you’re still not quite sure how or where to start. Bowfishing is unique in the world of archery in that it can be practiced day or night, on land, while wading in the water, or on a boat. To get […]

Don’t Leave Your Bow Hanging This Summer!

Recurve Bowfishing

By Patrick Durkin Bowfishing has been growing in popularity in recent years as more beginning archers look for fun shooting opportunities for spring and summer. As with almost everything in archery, you can get into bowfishing at nearly any price point you choose. For basic equipment, some archers simply buy a kit that includes: One […]

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