Spring Gobbler Hunting for Beginners

Turkey Hunt

By Jason D. Mills For the spring season, if you want to bag a turkey, you’re going have to scout, scout, and then scout some more. Expect this to take a good bit of time and effort. You’re scouting to find where the turkeys are roosting and where they feed or strut in the morning. […]

BBC Discovers Flying Penguins

BBC Film maker and writer Terry Jones discovered a colony of new, very rare penguins, which have developed the ability to fly. This incredible feat is made possible by their enlarged pectoral muscles and high stamina – effectively nullifying their small wings. These penguins sustain themselves with a high fat, high carbohydrate diet, which gives them […]

9 Outdoorsmen Infographics You Will Love

Outdoorsmen Infographic - Wild Game Nutritional Guide

By Jason D. Mills You don’t have to be a hunter to love the outdoors, but it’s a safe bet that if you’re a hunter you are probably passionate about the habitat in which you hunt. Here are nine outdoorsmen infographics from around the web that the traditional archer and the outdoorsman alike might enjoy. […]

3Rivers’ Pre-Season Turkey Tips

Fred Eichler Turkey Hunt May 2011 065

By Jason D. Mills The days are getting longer and the air is getting warmer, which can mean only one thing – turkey season is almost here. Getting a trophy tom with a shotgun can be hard, but when you decide to do it with your bow, especially a recurve or longbow, it can be […]

3Rivers Bids Farewell to Heather Culler

By Jason D. Mills Heather Culler, our design specialist, will be leaving 3Rivers Archery today to join her husband in running The Angler, a local hunting and fishing supply store in Hudson, Indiana, full-time. Heather has been a dedicated member of the 3Rivers’ staff for more than four years and, although we’re sad to see […]

Reviewing the Martin Independence Recurve

Martin Independence Recurve Bow

I recently had the opportunity to pick-up the new Martin Independence Recurve. Speaking with the Martin representative over the phone, he told me that the Independence Recurve’s light weight, small size, and stabilizer bushing made it perfect for bowfishing. I was intrigued, and being that bowfishing season will quickly be upon us, I decided to […]

Archery, Getting Started

Are you thinking about trying archery, but you’re still not quite sure where to start? Olympic silver medalist Jake Kaminski is here to help. In this useful video, Kaminski covers what the different parts of the bow are called, basic bow set-up, eye dominance, proper bow size, draw length, arrow selection, form, grip, release, and […]

Fred Bear and the History of Modern Archery

By Jason D. Mills Today is March 5, which also happens to be Fred Bear’s birthday. Born in Waynesboro, Penn. on March 5, 1902, Bear was an American author, video host, bow maker, and traditional bow hunter. Bear left his home, a small farm, when he was only 21 years old to pursue opportunities in […]

Beginner’s Guide to Building a Hickory Longbow

Beginner’s guide to building a hickory longbow

Jason D. Mills There is something enchanting about the idea of crafting something from scratch with one’s own hands – looking at a piece of dead wood and seeing something more and then breathing life into it again in the shape of a bow. Hundreds of thousands of people have made their own bow from […]

How to Clean, Whiten, and Mount a Whitetail Deer Skull

Skull Hooker in Use

  By Jason D. Mills and Art Myers During hunting season, there are three great days for every successful hunter: the day you get your tag, the day you fill your tag, and the day you hang your new trophy. However, shoulder mounts are expensive, costing anywhere from $400-500, and aren’t necessarily suited for every […]