Fleetwood Carbon Woodgrain ArrowsItem Number: 6825X
$75.99 $75.99
Fleetwood Carbon Woodgrain Arrows

Fleetwood Carbon Woodgrain Arrows

Item Number: 6825X
$75.99 $75.99

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If you want an affordable arrow that looks good and performs well, these Fleetwood Woodgrain arrows are hard to beat.

Their natural woodgrain design appears realistic, yet has the strength of carbon. They give the performance of expensive arrows, but at a much lower price. Each one is made of a multi-layer rolled carbon construction for added strength and durability.

These arrows come fletched with three left wing 5" shield cut turkey feathers. The cock feather is traditional barred, hen feathers colors may vary, but are the same color per pack. Inserts installed with 125 grain field points included. Available in 340, 400, and 500 spine. Sold by the six pack.

Fleetwood Woodgrain Carbon Shafting Specifics
Spine ID OD Point GPI Length Insert Nock
340 .244" .291" 5/16" 10.34 31 ½" 11gr Fleetwood
400 .244" - 5/16" 9.11 31 ½" 11gr Fleetwood
500 .244" - 5/16" 7.36 31 ½" 11gr Fleetwood
Straightness      ±.006"        Weight   ±2gr
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm