Nockturnal™ FIT Universal Lighted NockItem Number: 6729X
$31.99 $31.99
Made in the US
Nockturnal™ FIT Universal Lighted Nock

Nockturnal™ FIT Universal Lighted Nock

Item Number: 6729X
$31.99 $31.99
Made in the US

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These Nockturnal™ FIT Universal Lighted Nocks will amaze you with their durability and performance!

Like magic these nocks light up the moment you release the string. And like magic they fit nearly every hunting arrow shaft on the market!

The secret is the Nock Collar adapter sleeves. While the base of the Nockturnal™ FIT fits any X-diameter arrow shafts, the included sleeves allow you to fit GT, S, and H arrow shafts as well.

Nockturnal™ FIT Universal Lighted Nocks are impact resistant, with a clear polycarbonate body over an extremely bright LED light. The light is activated by a patented piston-driven linear contact switch. The light can be turned off easily using the Nocturnal™ Turn Off Tool, a small screwdriver, or most broadhead tips through an opening in the side of the nock.

Nockturnal™ FIT Universal Lighted Nocks feature more than 20 hours of lithium battery life. The light can easily be spotted in daylight or at night. The strobing model alternates 400 times a minute.

Each Nockturnal™ FIT weighs 25 grains. Available in standard color of Blue, or Strobing model of Red/Green. Please specify. The Blue model is sold by the three-pack (three nocks, three GT adapter sleeves, three S adapter sleeves, and three H adapter sleeves), while the strobing model is sold by the two-pack (two nocks, two GT adapter sleeves, two S adapter sleeves, and two H adapter sleeves).

Now through October 31, 2023 get a $10 rebate when you order any pack of NOCKturnal Lighted Nocks. Download your mail-in rebate form here.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm