Burt Coyote Lumenok® Lighted Push-In Nocks, 3-packItem Number: 6720X
$31.99 $31.99
Made in the US
Burt Coyote Lumenok® Lighted Push-In Nocks, 3-pack

Burt Coyote Lumenok® Lighted Push-In Nocks, 3-pack

Item Number: 6720X
$31.99 $31.99
Made in the US

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All new HD Orange! 30% brighter than previous models. Featuring new and improved contacts.

With the lighted arrow nocks in your arrows, you will never fail to see shot placement. The Lumenok® is used for shot placement recognition and arrow retrieval.

The Lumenok® is activated by the force applied to it at the release of the arrow. No magnets required for activation. The archer is able to follow the path of his arrow to his target. In the case of an errant shot, the lighted nock will make finding your arrow much easier, saving time and the cost of the arrow. The Lumenok® is visible for great distances in the dark. It can remain lit for 40 hours, allowing an archer to return hours after a shot to retrieve an arrow.

To use the Lumenok® your arrow shaft must be square on the nock end and free of material, which could impede electrical conductivity. If you insert your Lumenok® into a carbon shaft and find that it isn't working, try and sand the end of the shaft until you expose the black carbon material.

Aluminum shafts, bushings, or collars may have coatings. Carbon shafts may have resin build ups on the nock ends. Remove coatings with sandpaper, or an arrow squaring tool. Some carbon composite shafts contain too little conductive carbon to allow Lumenok® to work. The Lumenok® can be tested outside of the shaft using any conductor to complete the Lumenok® circuit.

Each Lumenok® comes with a replaceable 3v lithium battery. Battery retention components allow the battery to be changed easily for the brightest operation possible.

Lumenok® lighted nocks are available in X, GT, H, and Signature (S) models. See chart below for specifics. Available in orange only. Sold by the 3-pack.

Lumenok® Lighted Push-In Nocks Specifics
Type Shaft I.D. Grains Colors
X .204" (5mm) 22 grains Orange
GT .246" 28 grains Orange
H .232" (6mm) 24 grains Orange
S .244" & .245" (6.5mm) 26 grains Orange
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm