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Welcome to the 3Rivers Archer's Den

Archer's Den

Welcome to the Archer's Den. Here you will find a gathering of traditional archery stories, tips and techniques, trophy animals taken with traditional bows, and plenty more. Stay a while and learn something. We hope you enjoy and even submit a trophy of your own, or leave a comment on a post.

Arrow Safety

Arrow safety is of critical importance when shooting. Before using an arrow, put on eye protection and inspect the shaft and attached components (nocks, fletchings, and point) for damage. This can be dents, chips, cracks, splinters, or any other irregularity to the shaft or other components. Discard and replace any shaft or components that show damage.

Do not shoot a damaged arrow. Doing so may cause damage or injury to yourself or those around you.

One manner of inspecting an arrow shaft is to lightly flex it and listen for any creaks, cracking, or other noises. To test in this method;

  1. Put on safety eye wear.
  2. Hold the arrow by each end in your hands.
  3. Using only slight pressure from your hands press on the shaft to create a bend, that goes away from you, that is no more than 2 inches (5 centimeters).
  4. Only hold the bend for a moment and un-flex the shaft to its original position.
  5. Twist the shaft 45-90 degrees and repeat steps 3 and 4 until the full diameter of the arrow has been tested.

You may also twist the full length of the arrow lightly and listen for any creaks, cracking, or other noises.

With both of these tests, if any noises are heard, the shaft may be considered damaged. Discard and replace.

Below is a listing of arrow manufacturer’s arrow safety pages. It is recommended to review them before using arrows so you are best prepared for staying safe while shooting.

For Easton or Beman arrows, please review:

For Gold Tip arrows, please review:

For Victory arrows, please review:

For Black Eagle arrows, please review:

For GrizzlyStik arrows, please review:

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