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Welcome to the 3Rivers Archery Trophy Room

Trophy Room

Welcome to the 3Rivers Archery trophy room. Browse successful kills with traditional bows from all around the world. Be sure to submit one of your own.

Trophy Room

Submit your own traditional archery hero shots to be listed in our Trophy Room at Traditional bows required.

Submit your Hero Shot

Johnathan Karch 2014 Wisconsin Black Bear

Name: Johnathan Karch Country Harvested: United States State/Province: Wisconsin Year: 2014 Type of Game: Black Bear Equipment Used: DAS 64″ Recurve bow 45# (21″ riser, foam core limbs) Traditional Only 340 carbon arrows Woodsman Original Series broadhead Additional Info: First black bear hunt. Some of the best tasting meat my family has ever had. Photo:

Art Duffy California Blacktail Deer

Art Duffy harvested this nice Blacktail on opening day in California. Art tells us: “I arrowed this, my first Columbian blacktail deer in velvet with my 67# Kanati longbow at 12 yards using a Beman MFX 340 arrow and Ashby Broadhead. The arrow stuck in the ground and the deer barely reacted before going for […]

Rich and Chase Niblock Africa

Rich and Chase Niblock had a very successful trip to Africa recently. Chase harvested many local animals, including wildebeest, warthog, impala, and more. Rich took a nice zebra. Nice job, guys! Equipment Used: Chase – 60# 60″ Dalaa Takedown Recurve 500 Traditional Only Arrows Muzzy broadheads 2-Blade Magnus 125 Rich – 62# 62″ Dala Takedown […]

Joey Guerra 2012 Sheep

Joey Guerra 2012 Sheep

Joey Guerra continues his winning sheep streak! Joey tells us: “You ever go somewhere that is familiar to you to hunt, and while you’re there, something comes out that surprises the heck out of you!? Well that’s what happened in this case. I was at our family ranch in south Texas when I saw 3 […]

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