Johnathan Karch 2016 Kansas Whitetail Deer

Name: Johnathan Karch
Country Harvested: United States
State/Province: Kansas
Year: 2016
Type of Game: Trophy Room, Whitetail Deer
Equipment Used:

Tomahawk Bow, the Original Woodland Hunter. 56# @ 28″, 62″.
Port Orford Cedar wood arrows, tipped with Woodsman broadheads Original Series 125 grains.

Additional Info:

Was my first time hunting Kansas. This bruiser came in about 15 minutes after I was set up. I took a 17 yard quartering away shot. He ran 70 yards and collapsed. On gutting it appears I cut the artery 1″ above the heart. He weighed in at 282 pounds! Hard to see, but he is an 11-pointer too (right droptine is split and has 3 points there).

Photo: Johnathan Karch with his 2016 Kansas Whitetail Deer