James Frost 2016 Kentucky Whitetail Deer

Country Harvested: United States
State/Province: Kentucky
Year: 2016
Type of Game: Trophy Room, Whitetail Deer
Equipment Used:

21st Century Longbow (59lbs), 3Rivers Wood Arrows (55-60 spine), Zwickey Eskimo 2 Blades (125).

Additional Info:

12 years ago I transitioned to longbow, wood arrows and dumped my tree stand for the ground. Inspired by the one and only Tred Barta of course and I’ve never looked back. Only used a gun a handful of times when I was desperate to put meat in the freezer. It’s been the single hardest thing I’ve ever done thus far. I’ve had and made every excuse in the book! To far, to close, snuck behind me, no shot, rushed my shot, winded me, shot and missed, seen me, missed seasons due to military deployments, and the list goes on. 12 years of excuses!! I have dreamed for 12 years about the first kill. Will it be a buck, doe, monster buck or Bambi. I’ve had people laugh, try to tell me how to hunt or to catch up with the times but I carried on anyways because it’s what I ENJOYED. I used to hunt the conventional way, with a compound bow in a tree stand but I didn’t enjoy it anymore. My enjoyment is competitive in nature, getting good at something! I was good with a compound bow but I still to this day have not mastered traditional archery. But nothing could have prepared me for my hunt on 12 November. This particular day after what I thought was just another hunt coming home empty handed after missing a small buck, (First deer I had drawn on in two years). I saw a big bodied deer with its head behind a log and I began my stalk. I got within 25 yards when he just barely raised his head from behind the log enough for me to see antlers and lots of them. I drew my longbow back just like I had several times before and let the wood fly with no regrets. To my amazement it made impact and that’s when I saw this monster buck drag another monster out from behind the log. I ran to about 5 yards and stuck him with another arrow for good measure to seal the deal. He had already killed the other buck and had locked antlers. Absolutely a gift from God! I don’t believe I missed that small buck earlier that morning on my account, I believe that was gods way of telling me to pump my brakes because he had better plans just around the corner. I don’t share the story to impress you, but only to impress upon you….don’t ever let anyone tell you how to dream let alone, influence your dreams because the feeling of success taste way to sweet. They were both 10 pointers, one weighed 187 and the other 176. Taxidermist estimated that one was a mid 150 class and the other mid 140’s. They will now go on my wall just as they perished, locked up. I would like to personally thank Tred Barta for his inspiration and 3Rivers Archery for their unwavering support! God is great

Photo: James Frost with his 2016 Kentucky Whitetail Deer Buck