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Welcome to the 3Rivers Archer's Den

Archer's Den

Welcome to the Archer's Den. Here you will find a gathering of traditional archery stories, tips and techniques, trophy animals taken with traditional bows, and plenty more. Stay a while and learn something. We hope you enjoy and even submit a trophy of your own, or leave a comment on a post.


Archery in Vietnam?

Archery in Vietnam

I recently found this photo circulating some forums, on its face it’s pretty cool looking – in fact it’s said to have been on the cover of Navy Times during the Vietnam War. Pictured is Lieutenant Commander Donald D. Sheppard, USN, who went on to write several books after the war. One such book, which […]

Theodore “Ted” Judson

Our good friend Ted Judson, age 68, of Blissfield, MI, passed away Friday, April 3, 2015. He was a good friend and was incredibly active in the traditional archery community. Ted hunted not only throughout the United States, but all over the world. He was a good friend of the Karch family and of 3Rivers Archery. […]

BBC Discovers Flying Penguins

BBC Film maker and writer Terry Jones discovered a colony of new, very rare penguins, which have developed the ability to fly. This incredible feat is made possible by their enlarged pectoral muscles and high stamina – effectively nullifying their small wings. These penguins sustain themselves with a high fat, high carbohydrate diet, which gives them […]

3Rivers Bids Farewell to Heather Culler

By Jason D. Mills Heather Culler, our design specialist, will be leaving 3Rivers Archery today to join her husband in running The Angler, a local hunting and fishing supply store in Hudson, Indiana, full-time. Heather has been a dedicated member of the 3Rivers’ staff for more than four years and, although we’re sad to see […]

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