3Rivers Bids Farewell to Heather Culler

Heather and Reed Culler

By Jason D. Mills

Heather Culler, our design specialist, will be leaving 3Rivers Archery today to join her husband in running The Angler, a local hunting and fishing supply store in Hudson, Indiana, full-time.

Heather has been a dedicated member of the 3Rivers’ staff for more than four years and, although we’re sad to see her go, we know she and her husband will do great things for the hunting and fishing industry. Originally, Heather joined us as our manufacturing manager and she quickly found herself juggling multiple projects.

Our vice president of operations knew Heather had a degree in interior design and she quickly approached Heather about assisting with our email marketing. Heather was happy to accept the extra duties and said that she leaned as she went, teaching herself how to use design software. Heather also quickly became the manager of the Safety Department and was, in fact, the entire safety department.

Heather explained she thrived on the challenge and said that she will miss working with her best friends every day, but is excited about running the marketing of The Angler.

“Every day was a challenge for me,” she said. “I was able to have that creative outlet with the marketing and I was also able to have that structure as the manufacturing manager.”

heather culler and family

After Heather and her husband bought The Angler last April, she slowly began spending more and more time at their new store until, eventually, Heather had to move to part-time here at 3Rivers. Although it can be scary, especially when you’re moving to something as challenging as running your own business, Heather she said she is excited about working with her husband.

“I’m excited to share in the stress and the excitement of what [my husband] does every day,” she explained.

All of us here at 3Rivers Archery would like to wish Heather and her husband the best as they take this next step together. We hope you will join us as we say, “Thank you” for her years of hard work and dedication to the traditional archery community.