TopHat Archery

TopHat Archery utilizes German engineering to develop innovative and effective wood, carbon, and aluminum arrow components. With a wide selection of points, inserts, adapters, and tools, TopHat is top notch!
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Choosing to shoot wood arrows doesn't have to mean limiting your broadhead and point choices. TopHat® Woodscrew Adapters open you up to an entirely new world of screw-in points and broadheads. That means more options, and more options means more success on the range or more

Brass saves shafts! These TopHat® Screw-On Classic 3D Brass Points are perfect for preserving your wooden arrows. The brass material is softer and more forgiving than other metals, which decreases the possibility of damage on the arrow.

Specially more

Screwing field points onto your wooden shafts has never been easier! The TopHat® Thread Cutting Tool prepares your wooden shafts and arrows for screw-on points. It even works on heavier spines and hard woods. Use it for making wood arrows, or as a quick fix when an arrow more

The TopHat® Assembly Tool is the perfect way to install and remove screw-on points. You'll benefit from a solid grip on your points and other tools, without marring or damaging them. With the TopHat® Assembly Tool you can feel when the cone of the arrowhead stays fixed more

The TopHat® Shaft Shaper allows you to easily and safely adjust your wooden shafts to accept TopHat® Field Points. The Shaft Shaper gently compresses the wood, reducing the diameter to receive field points, without harming the finish on the shaft or distorting the spine. more

On the battlefields of Medieval Europe, the English archer was the most feared of all. A bodkin-tipped arrow could pierce chain mail, flesh, and bone. 

While such points are no longer used in combat or for hunting, they have captured the interest of historical more

TopHat® Archery has an easy solution for archers who like wood arrows, but prefer more options for their arrow nocks. The Parallel Aluminum Nock Adapter allows you to use .244" push-in nocks on your wood arrows, with no taper needed!

Simply glue the adapter onto the more

TopHat® Archery does it again with their brass bullet nose screw-on points. Easy to install on your wood arrows, and easy to remove from targets due to the convex design.

The brass material is softer and more forgiving than other metals, which decreases the more

These TopHat® Stainless Steel Insert/Outserts add weight and length while reinforcing your carbon arrow shafts. A great alternative to Easton HIT inserts.

Made from stainless steel, these inserts/outserts stand up to lots of use. You'll save lots of money by more

Install nocks on your wooden shafts without needing a taper! TopHat's Parallel Nocks are ideal for quick, simple, and convenient nock installation. Great for beginning arrow builders. Just slide the nock onto the end of your untapered arrow shaft for a snug and secure fit. < more

A broken arrow is one of the most frustrating set-backs on the target range. But the Field Repair Point gets you back in shooting shape in no time!

Immediately after your wooden arrow breaks directly behind the head, mount the TopHat® Field Repair Point more

TopHat® 3D Screw-In Points are made from precision machined Stainless Steel. Plus, they feature an O-ring to keep them from rattling loose.

Made with the traditional 3D and target shooter in mind, the TopHat® Target screw-in point is designed to dampen tension that is more