TopHat® Medieval Bodkin Point 6-packItem Number: 0931X
$10.99 $10.99
TopHat® Medieval Bodkin Point 6-pack

TopHat® Medieval Bodkin Point 6-pack

Item Number: 0931X
$10.99 $10.99

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On the battlefields of Medieval Europe, the English archer was the most feared of all. A bodkin-tipped arrow could pierce chain mail, flesh, and bone. 

While such points are no longer used in combat or for hunting, they have captured the interest of historical re-enactors and history buffs. The TopHat® Medieval Point is a recreation of these fascinating and deadly relics from the time-shrouded past. 

Made from burnished steel, these arrow points are corrosion resistant, and long-lasting. The shape and weight of the bodkin absorbs energy, giving your wood arrow stability throughout. 

The TopHat® Medieval Point is threaded onto the parallel arrow shaft (no glue or point taper required). The thread inside the arrow point grips firmly to the arrow shaft, making accidental loosening nearly impossible. 

Available in 5/16" in 85 grains only. Sold by the 6 pack. 

Please note: It is recommended that you buy the TopHat® Thread Cutting Tool, TopHat® Shaft Shaper, and TopHat® Assembly Tool to use with these points. 

The TopHat® Thread Cutting Tool is for starting a thread onto the shaft to make it easier to install screw on points. The TopHat® Shaft Shaper is for compressing down an oversized shaft so the finish will not be marred when installing points, and to allow the points to go on easier. The TopHat® Assembly Tool is for gripping the point, the Thread Cutting Tool and The Shaft Shaper without marring them for easy tightening and removal of TopHat® points.


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm