TopHat Thread Cutting ToolItem Number: 0927X
$4.75 $4.75
TopHat Thread Cutting Tool

TopHat Thread Cutting Tool

Item Number: 0927X
$4.75 $4.75

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Screwing field points onto your wooden shafts has never been easier! The TopHat® Thread Cutting Tool prepares your wooden shafts and arrows for screw-on points. It even works on heavier spines and hard woods. Use it for making wood arrows, or as a quick fix when an arrow breaks behind the point. 

The TopHat® Thread Cutting Tool is used in conjunction with the TopHat® Assembly Tool. The TopHat® Thread Cutting Tool has to be screwed on clockwise, all the way on. Then the the Thread Cutting Tool is replaced with a TopHat® Screw-on point. 

Made from Stainless Steel 
Sizes: 5/16", 11/32". Please specify. 

Please note: It is recommended that you buy the TopHat® Shaft Shaper, and TopHat® Assembly Tool to use with the TopHat® Thread Cutting Tool. 
The TopHat® Thread Cutting Tool is for starting a thread onto the shaft to make it easier to install screw on points. The TopHat® Shaft Shaper is for compressing down an oversized shaft so the finish will not be marred when installing points, and to allow the points to go on easier. The TopHat® Assembly Tool is for gripping the point, the Thread Cutting Tool and The Shaft Shaper without marring them for easy tightening and removal of TopHat® points. 

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm