TopHat® Shaft Shaper ToolItem Number: 0926-3
$20.99 $20.99
TopHat® Shaft Shaper Tool

TopHat® Shaft Shaper Tool

Item Number: 0926-3
$20.99 $20.99

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The TopHat® Shaft Shaper allows you to easily and safely adjust your wooden shafts to accept TopHat® Field Points. The Shaft Shaper gently compresses the wood, reducing the diameter to receive field points, without harming the finish on the shaft or distorting the spine. The TopHat® Assembly Tool can be used to hold and rotate the Shaft Shaper.

Made from Stainless Steel. Measures 2" long.

The TopHat® Shaft Shaper set is composed of three elements - One base and two Shaft Shaper attachments. The base is connected to an electric drill. Depending upon the diameter of shaft you want to shape, you then attach one of the two attachments to the base. Using the drill's low speed (1000 to 2000 cycles), you feed the shaft into the TopHat® Shaft Shaper all the way and back.

Once the shaft has been shaped, you can use the TopHat® Thread Cutting Tool and TopHat® Assembly Tool to install the desired point.

Sold as a set with two attachments of 5/16" and 11/32".

Please note: It is recommended that you buy the TopHat® Thread Cutting Tool, and TopHat® Assembly Tool to use with the TopHat® Shaft Shaper.

The TopHat® Thread Cutting Tool is for starting a thread onto the shaft to make it easier to install screw on points. The TopHat® Shaft Shaper is for compressing down an oversized shaft so the finish will not be marred when installing points, and to allow the points to go on easier. The TopHat® Assembly Tool is for gripping the point, the Thread Cutting Tool and The Shaft Shaper without marring them for easy tightening and removal of TopHat® points.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm