TopHat® Field Repair Point - LongItem Number: 0930X
$8.50 $3.50 - $8.50
TopHat® Field Repair Point - Long

TopHat® Field Repair Point - Long

Item Number: 0930X
$8.50 $3.50 - $8.50

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A broken arrow is one of the most frustrating set-backs on the target range. But the Field Repair Point gets you back in shooting shape in no time!

Immediately after your wooden arrow breaks directly behind the head, mount the TopHat® Field Repair Point directly on the end of the break. The arrow point is threaded onto the blunt wooden shaft (no glue or taper required). The thread inside the arrow point attaches firmly to the shaft, making accidental loosening impossible.

Because of its extra length, the Field Repair Point allows you to keep shooting the arrow at your regular, accustomed arrow length. It can increase your arrow length 1¾" to 2". On an arrow that was originally 28" BOP that breaks right behind the point, once the repair point is installed it would be equal to an arrow with a standard BOP measurement of 28½".

Specially designed for 3D targets, the Field Repair Point enters the target more aggressively than other points. The shape of the head provides less tension and resistance in flight, and provides more protection for the shaft. The special design of the Field Repair Point also prevents rebound on the surface of the target. The conical area in the inner front of the head allows the arrow to center perfectly, leading to improved flight-characteristics and pinpoint accuracy.

The Field Repair Point is made of Aluminum, an ideal material for points because of its low weight and corrosion-resistance. It also allows for twice the length at the same weight as steel points.

Available in 11/32" diameter only in grain weights of 125grains (2-3/8" long), 145 grains (2-5/8" long), or 165 grains (2-5/8" long). Also available in 130 grains for a limited time. Sold by the each or by the 3 pack. Please specify.

Please note: It is recommended that you buy the TopHat® Thread Cutting Tool, TopHat® Shaft Shaper, and TopHat® Assembly Tool to use with these points.
The TopHat® Thread Cutting Tool is for starting a thread onto the shaft to make it easier to install screw on points. The TopHat® Shaft Shaper is for compressing down an oversized shaft so the finish will not be marred when installing points, and to allow the points to go on easier. The TopHat® Assembly Tool is for gripping the point, the Thread Cutting Tool and The Shaft Shaper without marring them for easy tightening and removal of TopHat® points.
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm