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Designed to protect you from sores and blisters when drawing a bow with your thumb. Our leather thumb rings are more comfortable and adjustable than a horn thumb ring. Made from premium grade leather with an adjustable buckle for adjusting to fit any size finger on both men an...read more

The medieval archer had to be ready at a moments notice, travel light, and carry plenty of arrows. Also, medieval archers were poor. As a result, many quivers of the period were made from simple sack cloth with a leather spacer to hold the arrows securely, stay lightweight for tr...read more
Brass reproduction of an actual sundial compass used in the 1700's. As useful now as it was then. Compass and timepiece in one. Lid included. Measures approximately 1¾" in diameter.

...read more
This handy pouch is large enough to carry spare bow strings, taper tools, cell phones, keys, your wallet... just about anything you'd usually carry in your pockets. Great for hiking in the woods, 3D shoots, tournaments, renaissance festivals, or SCA events. The brass clasp closes...read more
The Woodsman Possible Bag is certain to become your favorite hunting buddy! This vintage style possibles bag combines quality leather construction with must-have features, like its large main pocket with two sleeves, a 3" expandable gusset, and an adjustable shoulder strap. ...read more
Capture the awesome history of archery with the Yeoman Medieval Archer's Bracer. From the look, the feel, and even the smell of the quality leather, this bracer embraces the spirit of Medieval times.

The leather is top quality, durable, yet flexible. You're guarant...read more

Thumb Rings are a unique and fun way to explore traditional Eastern archery and horse bow archery. These sturdy brass Vermil thumb rings will take you back to the ancient Steppes of Eastern Europe and Asia.

To use the thumb ring, rest the string between the lip and g...read more

A simple design with quality construction, Vermil's Manchu thumb ring is just the thing for horse bow archers looking for new shooting styles.

Unlike other thumb rings, the Manchu doesn't have the typical "lip and guard" design. The Manchu features a simple...read more

Eastern archery features many unique and fascinating innovations. Among them is the thumb ring. This pewter thumb ring is an authentic and quality product for those who want to recreate the traditions of eastern horse bow archery.

This thumb ring is easy to use. Simp...read more

For a real traditional experience, try the Bearpaw Bowglove! If you're a traditional, SCA, or primitive archer who likes to shoot off the hand, this is an outstanding glove!

Rather than wearing it on your shooting hand, you wear the Bowglove on the hand that holds th...read more

Enjoy shooting off-the-knuckle bows, such as primitive bows and medieval bows? Worry no more about digging a fletching quill from your hand with a bowglove.

A soft and comfortable leather that provides the right amount of protection, and the least amount of baggag...read more
History's most famous outlaw owed his success as much to his equipment as to his skill. The Robin Hood bracer is made from a soft and comfortable leather with speed laces for a secure fit. A necessity for any forest dwelling outlaw, huntsman or competition archer. The Robin Hood ...read more