Vermil Manchu Thumb RingItem Number: 63413X
$33.99 $33.99
Vermil Manchu Thumb Ring

Vermil Manchu Thumb Ring

Item Number: 63413X
$33.99 $33.99

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A simple design with quality construction, Vermil's Manchu thumb ring is just the thing for horse bow archers looking for new shooting styles.

Unlike other thumb rings, the Manchu doesn't have the typical "lip and guard" design. The Manchu features a simple 3/16" thick cylindrical form. The bow string is pulled back using the edge of the ring.

The Manchu thumb ring is made from a durable biocomposite plastic. It will last for years and years. These thumb rings are built to specific measurements. Please follow the video instructions as well as the diagrams in order to get an accurate measurement of your thumb.

You can also use a file or sandpaper to customize your Manchu thumb ring for a proper fit. Use breathing protection while filing or sanding the ring. Do not attempt to use heat to melt the ring, as this will ruin it.

See the drop-down menu for a full range of sizes.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm