3Rivers Leather Thumb RingItem Number: 6338
$7.99 $7.99
Made in the US
3Rivers Leather Thumb Ring

3Rivers Leather Thumb Ring

Item Number: 6338
$7.99 $7.99
Made in the US

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Designed to protect you from sores and blisters when drawing a bow with your thumb. Our leather thumb rings are more comfortable and adjustable than a horn thumb ring. Made from premium grade leather with an adjustable buckle for adjusting to fit any size finger on both men and women.

Thumb rings or thumbrings, are used to shoot bows in the Mongolian style and to provide protection to the thumb in the same way a shooting glove or tab protects your fingers. Shooting with a thumb ring will provides a cleaner release than shooting with fingers, due to the minimal contact with the bow string.

How does a Leather Thumb Ring work? The leather thumb ring should sit so it covers from the middle knuckle to the tip of your shooting thumb. Curl your thumb around the bow string and allow the arrow nock to be just above the leather thumb ring. Use your index finger to keep your thumb tip in place during the drawing of the arrow. To release, relax your thumb and index finger.

Shooting: Using a thumb ring requires you shoot of the opposite side of the bow's riser than what you do with a fingers release. Recommend shooting with a Horse bow, or a left handed longbow/recurve (if right handed shooter - pulling bow string with right hand).

See Kay's Thumb Ring Book

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm