Bearpaw BowgloveItem Number: 4001X
$24.99 $24.99
Bearpaw Bowglove

Bearpaw Bowglove

Item Number: 4001X
$24.99 $24.99

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For a real traditional experience, try the Bearpaw Bowglove! If you're a traditional, SCA, or primitive archer who likes to shoot off the hand, this is an outstanding glove!

Rather than wearing it on your shooting hand, you wear the Bowglove on the hand that holds the bow. The arrow then rests on the dark leather portion of the glove, saving your hands from splinters from wood shafts or cuts from the fletchings. Made from quality cow skin leather. Perfect for English style longbows, and primitive bows.

Made from 100% quality goat leather.

Get in touch with your primitive roots with this outstanding Bowglove!

Remember, ORDER for the HAND YOU HOLD YOUR BOW WITH. Right-Handed Shooters should order a Left Hand Glove, and Left-Handed Shooters should order a Right Hand Glove.

Comes in Rightand Left Hand, sizes XLarge, Large, Medium, and Small.

See Archery Glove/Tab Sizing Chart

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm