Robin Hood BracerItem Number: 8540X
$65.99 $65.99 - $67.99
Made in the US
Robin Hood Bracer

Robin Hood Bracer

Item Number: 8540X
$65.99 $65.99 - $67.99
Made in the US

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History's most famous outlaw owed his success as much to his equipment as to his skill. The Robin Hood bracer is made from a soft and comfortable leather with speed laces for a secure fit. A necessity for any forest dwelling outlaw, huntsman or competition archer.

The Robin Hood Bracer has a built-in bow glove for the perfect protection while shooting off the knuckle bows such as primitive bows and medieval bows.

Available in Left and Right arm. Order for the ARM you will be wearing the bracer on. Example right handed archers hold the bow with their LEFT arm, so would order a LEFT arm bracer. Color choices are Brown (shown) and Black.

Sizing options are Men's (Medium), Men's Long (Large), Ladies/Children (Small), Ladies/Children-Long (Small). Men's size measures 9½" long from thumb-hole to back of the bracer. Men's Long size measures 11" long from thumb-hole to back of the bracer. Ladies/Children sizes are specifically designed to fit a woman's arm and wrist.
  • Bracer and Bow Glove in one, just like Robin Hood's
  • Speed Lace closure for fast and secure attachment
  • Quality Leather

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm