Gold Tip Traditional Classic XT Carbon Shafts Item Number: 67101X
$69.99 $69.99 - $134.99
Gold Tip Traditional Classic XT Carbon Shafts

Gold Tip Traditional Classic XT Carbon Shafts

Item Number: 67101X
$69.99 $69.99 - $134.99

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You couldn't find a better combination of beauty and strength. Gold Tip Traditional Classic XT carbon shafts feature jaw dropping beauty with their unique footed-wood grain finish. The included stainless steel inserts allow you to up your FOC (front of center) weight while still accepting Gold Tip Weights. And the ballistic collars provide incredible strength.

For those who want to use these shafts with a G or F Nock, they are compatible with Gold Tip Accu Bushings.

The skinny .204" ID gives you better penetration, less wind drift, and closer center shot for easier tuning.

Accu-Tough Nocks installed. Inserts and ballistic collars included. Available in spines of 600, 500, 400, and 340 in 6-packs and dozens. Please specify.

Please Note: The Ballistic collar shortens the distance from the back of the shaft to 'back of the point' as it slides on the shaft. We recommend adding at least half an inch to your shaft if 3Rivers' is to cut your shafts.

Please Note: the Gold Tip Classic and Classic XT® use an outsert that adds ½" to the overall length of the shaft. For example, if you order 30" shafts, they will be cut to 30" and the finished shaft with outsert installed will be 30 ½" from the valley of the nock to the end of the insert.

Gold Tip Traditional Classic XT Carbon Shafting Specifics
Spine Point GPI Length Insert Nock Point
600 5/16"* 9 32" 72 gr Accu-Tough -- --
500 5/16"* 9.8 32" 74 gr Accu-Tough -- --
400 5/16"* 11.4 32" 78 gr Accu-Tough -- --
340 5/16"* 12.1 32" 80 gr Accu-Tough -- --
Straightness  ±.003"        Weight  ±2gr       

*With ballistic collars, 9/32" without.

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