Gold Tip Accu BushingItem Number: 6691X
$17.99 $17.99
Gold Tip Accu Bushing

Gold Tip Accu Bushing

Item Number: 6691X
$17.99 $17.99

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Add strength to your carbon arrows with Gold Tip Accu Bushings. These arrow nock bushings give your arrow shafts a shoulder to deflect other arrows. Perfect for target archers.

Gold Tip Accu Bushings are designed to fit Gold Tip Traditional Classic and Traditional Classic XT carbon arrows, as well as other arrow shafts with a .204" inside diameter.

Will fit the Easton G Nock and Bohning F Nock.

The nock hole goes all the way through on these bushings, aligning the center of the nock to the center of the shaft. That means greater accuracy.

Available in Small (for Traditional Classic spines of 600 and 500) and Large (for Traditional Classic spines of 400 and 340.) Please specify. Weigh 7.4 grains. Sold by the dozen.

Gold Tip Accu Bushing Specifics
Model Weight Shafts
Small 7.4 grains Traditional Classic 500 & 600
Large 7.4 grains Traditional Classic 340 & 400

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm