Easton 5MM HIT Collars, 6-packItem Number: 68580X
$25.99 $25.99
Easton 5MM HIT Collars, 6-pack

Easton 5MM HIT Collars, 6-pack

Item Number: 68580X
$25.99 $25.99

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Add strength and power to your arrows with Easton Archery HIT Collars. These hardened stainless steel collars increase the impact strength of your arrows using Easton's popular HIT system. 

HIT Collars are offered in six sizes to fit a variety of arrow spines and brands. They measure approximately ½" long and are tapered on the back end for a smooth transition from shaft to collar for easier arrow pulling from targets. The Inside Diameter (ID) of each collar is listed in the chart below, it is best to match exactly with your arrow shafts' Outside Diameter (OD), or just slightly larger. 

We recommend to epoxy carbon collars in place. It fills in any space between the collar and the shaft due to tolerance differences.

Sold by the 6-pack. 

HIT Collar specifics

Collar Number Collar I.D. Grain Weight Traditional Only
Barebow Spine
5MM Axis Spine 5MM FMJ Spine
#1 .258" 21 gr 700 600, 500 --
#2 .266" 19 gr 600, 500 400 400
#3 .271" 17 gr 400 340 340, 250 
#4 .277" 17 gr 340 300  300
#5 .282" 15.6 gr 300, 260 260 --
#6 .290" 15 gr -- 200 --
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm