Easton 6.5MM Bowhunter Carbon ArrowsItem Number: 67731X
$75.99 $75.99 - $139.99
Made in the US
Easton 6.5MM Bowhunter Carbon Arrows

Easton 6.5MM Bowhunter Carbon Arrows

Item Number: 67731X
$75.99 $75.99 - $139.99
Made in the US

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This is an arrow that means business! Easton's proprietary Acu-Carbon uniform spine process gives their 6.5MM Bowhunter carbon arrows the highest levels of accuracy.

Features a non-glare, smooth black matte finish. Inside diameter of .246" for use with a huge amount of arrow components.

Fletched on a white arrow wrap with three 5" left wing Trueflight shield cut feathers. A traditional barred and two solid color feathers of red, lime, yellow, or white (same per pack).

If you would like an upgrade from the inserts included with these arrows, pick up a dozen Easton CB RPS Inserts.

Orange Microlite S nocks installed, aluminum inserts included. Available in spines of 500, 400, 340, 300, and 250. Please specify. Sold by the 6-pack only.

Easton 6.5MM Bowhunter Carbon Shafting Specifics
Spine Point GPI Length Insert Nock Carbon Collar
500 5/16" 7.3 30½" 21 grains Microlite S L
400 5/16" 8.4 31" 21 grains Microlite S B
340 5/16" 9.3 31¾" 21 grains Microlite S C
300 5/16" 9.5 32¼" 21 grains Microlite S C
250 5/16" 10.0 32½" 21 grains Microlite S D
Straightness ±.006" Weight ±2 grains
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm