Johnny Karch 2018 Iowa Whitetail Deer

Name: Johnny Karch
Country Harvested: United States
State/Province: Iowa
Year: 2018
Type of Game: Trophy Room, Whitetail Deer
Equipment Used:

Tomahawk Legacy 55# @ 28″ with a homemade wood arrow, tipped with an original series Woodsman broadhead.

Additional Info:

I had a lot of great looking bucks and does walk by me on my first sit in a tree stand. Iowa is known for some big deer, and it did not disappoint. After hours of deer action, this bruiser walked up following a doe. He gave an evil eye to a smaller buck (which got the message) and then walked and stopped in the most ‘perfect’ spot. I couldn’t pass on my good fortune and put a great shot on him. He didn’t run far, and the blood trail was amazing. A great hunt. Wish out-of-state hunters didn’t have to wait four years to get a tag, but it is always worth the wait.

Photo: Johnny Karch 2018 Iowa Whitetail Deer