Brian Turner 2017 Pennsylvania Whitetail Deer

Name: Brian Turner
Country Harvested: United States
State/Province: Pennsylvania
Year: 2017
Type of Game: Trophy Room, Whitetail Deer
Equipment Used:

1970 Bear Grizzly Recurve, Gold Tip Traditional 500, woodsman 125 grain broad head

Additional Info:

I just starting shooting traditional this April. My goal for the season was to harvest a deer with this bow I picked up at an antique store. 4 mins before I was gonna head in for the morning This 7 point buck walks out of the brush 15 yards away.. He looks up but doesn’t leave, lowers his head so I let the arrow fly. He went 70 yards with all 32″ of my arrow. So blessed to be able to harvest a deer using traditional equipment. I’m hooked!