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Unique blend of pine pitch, mink oil and beeswax. No chemical or petroleum odor. A super water repellent and conditioner. 4 oz.

Tip: Use a hair drier to warm the leather being treated to speed up the absorption process.
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Pine pitch can be used to aid in hafting arrow points, knife blades, and spear points. Can also be used as a waterproofing agent. Store in a cool area. Use low heat to soften. Approxmately 1.3 ounces.

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Wet weather conditions can put a real damper on any bow hunt or outdoor fun. Your accuracy depends upon dry fletchings on your arrows.

Ozark Water "Poof" provides a foolproof solution to moisture problems. Simply apply a small amount to each feather and a...read more
An easy to apply with no scent water repellent for your feather fletchings. Feather-Dri treats 100+ arrows. Will add no stiffness to fletching and has a long-lasting effect. Includes application bag. Approximately 9.0 grams.

Heavy Water resistant material in TrueTimber XD3 camo. Uses an elastic cord pull tie closure. Measures 7" x 4¾". Made to work with 5-arrow and less bow quivers.

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Sno-Seal is the real deal when it comes to protecting your leather gear! Made from all natural beeswax, Sno-Seal protects your leather and seams from rain, snow, sun, and salt.

Use it on your armguards, quivers, pouches, string keepers, and other leather bowhuntin...read more
Tenacious Tape™ Repair Patches make rips, tears, and holes a nuisance of the past! These 3" diameter patches are easy to carry and easy to use.

Use Tenacious Tape™ Repair Patches to repair holes and tears in tents, packs, clothing, and other gear...read more
You're just a spray away from a quick and effective way of waterproofing your gear! ReviveX® Instant Water Repellent Spray creates a water repellent surface on your clothing, footwear, and other gear.

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For waterproofing that will last, you can't beat Revivex® Durable Water Repellent! This all-season breathable formula protects rain gear, tents, packs, and more!

With air powered continuous spray, you can easily treat clothing, gear, and other materials. Simply...read more
From gloves and armguards to quivers and packs, a lot of important traditional archery gear is made from leather. Revivex® Leather Water Repellent protects that vital gear from the elements.

This water repellent gel is perfect for protecting and conditioning le...read more
Darn! You ripped your favorite jacket on a thorn! Tore your best pack on a nail! Snagged your new tent on a branch!

Not to worry! Tenacious Tape™ Repair Strips from Gear Aid have you covered... literally! Tenacious Tape™ patches holes and tears in tents...read more