Revivex Instant Water Repellent SprayItem Number: 6857
$12.25 $12.25
Made in the US Hazmat warning
Revivex Instant Water Repellent Spray

Revivex Instant Water Repellent Spray

Item Number: 6857
$12.25 $12.25
Made in the US Hazmat warning

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You're just a spray away from a quick and effective way of waterproofing your gear! ReviveX® Instant Water Repellent Spray creates a water repellent surface on your clothing, footwear, and other gear.

Not only does it repel water, it protects materials from oil and stains. It also restores waterproofing attributes to materials that have lost it.

Just spray your item until it is saturated, then allow it to dry. Water will bead and roll off materials that have been treated with ReviveX®.

The non-silicone formula means you can use it on leather, Gore-Tex®, and other breathable and non-breathable materials.

Great for all kinds of weather, all kinds of terrain. The wetter, the better!

Comes in a 5 oz. spray can.

  • Waterproofing for footwear, outerwear, and gear
  • Non-silicone formula safe for all fabrics
  • Clear, non-sticky finish repels water, oil, and stains
  • No CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons), so it's safe for the ozone
  • No PFOAs (Perfluorooctanoic acid), so it's non-carcinogenic
  • Made in USA

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm