wood shafting

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Build custom arrows and save on time! 3Rivers staff take all of the hard work out of wood arrow building by staining each premium wood shaft a rich American Walnut, seal them with 3Rivers Gasket Lacquer, and crest them in 3Rivers' distinct "hunter arrow" cre...read more

Weight matched Port Orford Cedar arrow shafts are an arrow builder's dream! Port Orford Cedar has long been the go-to wood for quality arrows due to its moderate weight and ability to take stain and finish. Plus, they are easy to hand straighten.

We have weight matc...read more

This 42" long x ½" diameter Ash War Bow shaft is perfect for medieval enthusiasts. Use this sturdy ash shaft to make arrows for your heavy Medieval English War Bows.

These shafts have a long 5° point taper on them to accept a 23/64" diame...read more

We start with top quality Port Orford Cedar and have a precise 10" reducing taper to 5/16" on the nock end. A tapered arrow with have faster shot recovery and less wind drag for improved accuracy and deeper penetration. We are confident you will find these to be amo...read more

The use of Ash arrow shafting goes far back into the annals of archery history. Roger Ascham's Toxophilus 1545 lists Ash as the preferred wood for making war arrows. Known for its straight prominent grain lines and durability, Ash makes excellent arrow shafts.

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Western Larch, also known as Tamarack, is a long lived plentiful tree in the northwestern United States that is the largest of the Larch species. It can produce some of the finest, high-quality, tight, straight grained wood for making arrow shafts.

Western Larch is...read more

Port Orford Cedar arrow shafts are a favorite material for arrow builders. These weight matched 23/64" shafts are of moderate weight and readily take stain and finish. They are easy to hand straighten too.

We have weight matched these Port Orford Cedar wood arro...read more

Port Orford Cedar (POC) that grows in a select region of the northwestern United States has long been prized for producing the best wood arrow shafting on the planet for decades. Port Orford Cedar has long been known for strength and straightness of grain that produces a wood ...read more