11/32" Tamarack (Western Larch) ShaftingItem Number: 07311X
$44.99 $44.99
Made in the US

11/32" Tamarack (Western Larch) Shafting

Item Number: 07311X
$44.99 $44.99
Made in the US

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Western Larch, also known as Tamarack, is a long lived plentiful tree in the northwestern United States that is the largest of the Larch species. It can produce some of the finest, high-quality, tight, straight grained wood for making arrow shafts.

Western Larch is an extremely durable softwood with a heavy mass weight and looks that are similar to Douglas fir. It is very easy to work with, readily hand straightens, and takes stains and finishes well.

If you're looking for a heavy strong wood arrow shaft that is still easy to work with, Tamarack may be the shaft that you are looking for. Available in 11/32" in spines of 40-45, 45-50, 50-55, 55-60, 60-65, 65-70, and 70-75. Sold by the dozen.
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm