Atlatl Ash Dart Shaft 3-packItem Number: 6971X
$69.99 $84.99 - $99.99
Made in the US
Atlatl Ash Dart Shaft 3-pack

Atlatl Ash Dart Shaft 3-pack

Item Number: 6971X
$69.99 $84.99 - $99.99
Made in the US

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Now sold by the 3-pack.

As the arrow is to the bow, so the dart is to the atlatl. These Ash Dart Shafts and Ash Dart Kits will help you complete your atlatl journey.

The Atlatl Dart is extremely long compared to the traditional arrow. They can range from five to seven feet, but six feet (72") is considered the standard length.

Thunderbird Atlatl uses the finest ash lumber available for these dart shafts. They are chosen for their grain and straightness, and special attention is made to moisture content assuring that your dart retains superior elasticity and durability.

Six foot (72") darts are perfect for most beginning and experienced atlatl users. They allow for more accuracy than shorter darts, and are easily handled by most people.

Available by the 3-pack. Order as shafts alone, or as a kit. Each kit comes with three 72" shafts, nine full length left wing commercial grade gray feathers, and three 300 grain Atlatl Dart Points. Please specify.

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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm