Atlatl KitItem Number: 6972X
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Made in the US
Atlatl Kit

Atlatl Kit

Item Number: 6972X
$44.99 $44.99 - $54.99
Made in the US

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The Atlatl predates the bow and arrows by several thousand years. It was mankind's first step into developing projectile weapons. And this amazing tool is still in use today by primitive enthusiasts and do-it-yourselfers.

3Rivers Archery is proud to offer three of Thunderbird Atlatl's Kits. These kits provide you with all of the components to build your own Atlatl. All you need to provide is wood glue, scissors, Linseed Oil, Tung Oil, stain and/or paint.

We offer three different models, each with their own advantages and features, perfect for starting you out on your primitive path to explore the Atlatl.

The Catatonk Hunter Atlatl is ergonomically designed for hunting or fishing. This Atlatl allows you to "speed load" using the two lower rests, without taking your eyes off your target. For hunters, you can hold your darts at the ready for greater lengths of time without hand strain. In designing the CatatonkHunter Atlatl, Thunderbird has taken into account dart placement in relation to the grip. This gives the atlatlist maximum power when casting darts. The hammer grip transfers power more effectively. The kit consists of a wooden shaft, a tine made of tropical hardwood, sandpaper, and instructions.

The Kanakadea Atlatl is perfect for the atlatl beginner. The unique "Y" design allows you to control the dart without using your fingers. You can focus on aiming and casting while the "Y" holds the dart in place. The kit consists of a wooden shaft, a spur made of tropical hardwood, a wooden "Y", sandpaper, a strip of leather, and instructions.

The Nanticoke Atlatl features a double looped leather strap. The knuckled grip allows for better control. It also features a tropical hardwood or bone button tine inserted into the head of the atlatl. Great for target shooting and hunting, the Nanticoke is a favorite at the ISAC (International Standard Accuracy Contest) competitions. This is probably the most popular model of Atlatl in use today in North America. While simple in design, this atlatl is of premium quality, making it a great value. The kit consists of a wooden shaft, a button tine made either of bone or tropical hardwood, a long piece of simulated sinew, sandpaper, a leather strap, and instructions.

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