Port Orford Cedar Wood ShaftsItem Number: 1112X
$54.99 $54.99 - $399.99
Made in the US
Port Orford Cedar Wood Shafts

Port Orford Cedar Wood Shafts

Item Number: 1112X
$54.99 $54.99 - $399.99
Made in the US

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Port Orford Cedar has long been known as the best wood for arrows on the planet. Ours are the best Port Orford cedar you can possibly get. They are a factory spined to within five pounds and slightly burnished to keep them smooth. Whether your interests are bowhunting, target archery, 3-D shooting or even medieval reenactments like in the SCA, Port Orford arrows will serve you well. Available in the following spines:

  • 5/16", 30-35, 35-40, & 40-45.
  • 11/32", 40-45, 45-50, 50-55, 55-60, 60-65, & 65-70.
  • 23/64", 50-55, 55-60, 60-65, 65-70, 70-75, & 75-80

All of our cedar shafting measures on average at 32" in overall length. All dozens will be hand sorted before shipping. Heavy spines are available in limited quantities only.

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